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•rabelo meme•🤪🤩❤---------------♡ib:me♡ac: @myloveluara_ ♡cc:me♡dt: @biaa.rabelo e marcados;--------------- #biarabelo

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Well idk if your going to heaven #meme

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*cries in pride* - Lord Krachan #cringe  #idubbbz  #idubbbztv  #meme  #memes #dank  #dankmeme  #prank  #prank  #papafranku #anime  #ayylamo  #craving

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"Ja też kiedyś zaufałam pewnemu księciu. Tak, że dałabym sobie za niego rękę uciąć! I wiesz co?" Biedna Lan Fan. Post o FMA na FB.

did they lie 💀

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🤣 I think this may only work if you’re Ryan Gosling.... sorry guys!

Holy-guacamole! 🥑 The most ADORABLE pillow right now 😍😍•Take your love for avocados to the next level with our Avo-Cuddle! Choose from a

Day 17 of the #presidentsinmemes challenge. I dislike this meme almost as much as I dislike Andrew Johnson. While Johnson was a horrible president his

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MOONster enRGY😂

I’m still confused on how me putting on lipgloss was distracting the class but go off sis🙃

If I haven’t said something extremely sexual to you then I don’t really fwu 🤷🏽‍♀️

Me every shower 😭