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One week post #hipreplacement, I sat on my perch and had the pleasure of leading these amazing young women in their first yoga class... thanks to

All the magic you could ever need ✨ Ametrine Cluster coming to the shop this Sunday 26th of May at 8pm AEST.....⁣ #crystals #magic

Tonight’s affirmations 💜✨Take some time to just breathe. Ask yourself What am I most proud of?What inspires me? What makes me feel complete

📚.....이유 있는 삶을 사는 사람은어떠한 시련도 견딜 수 있다.. -니체 F.W.Nietzsche

He’s coming back. Master teacher and yogic monk @premsadasivananda will be in cayman for 2 fantastic workshops this October. So thrilled that


***Copper Pyramids*** Copper Pyramids, Are a healing tool... they emanate a form of vibrational, energy which heals as medicine that transmits through


The simple act of moving the body can create a major sense of accomplishment for people whose bodies has been frozen or numbed by their experiences

N E W C L A S S A L E R TStarting June 5th, I will be teaching a 5:30pm Vinyasa Flow on Wednesdays at @greenemomentsstudio! Come thru! Walk-ins

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Love this. Taking responsibility for my life was so counter intuitive to me. I used to believe I could shield myself from the criticisms and failures

I can stare into this Amethyst/Ametrine for days!!! There’s a galaxy within 😍😍😍 No filter, just florida afternoon sun. Impeccable quality

The Gunas (These three gunas are called: sattva (goodness, constructive, harmonious, beingness, peace), rajas (passion, active, confused), and tamas (


Anyone else love the rocks at Yamba beach??.Rose quartz towers. $10 each. Postage $8.50. Combined postage available. Share your postage with a

Have you made time for yourself this week? Get out, breath some fresh air and recharge. #bethechange

Take a deep breath now....Envision what your Angels’ light may look and feel like. Embrace the unconditional love being sent... exhale... rest 😇

Summer vibes. ☀️ 🏖


Had a fabulous relaxing meditation tonight at the Salt Cave in Niagara Falls. The ambiance is so amazing. Salt lamps everywhere. As soon as I stepped

Mayo - Mes de Promociones en Sesiones y Tratamientos de Reiki:Combinando en (Tiempo y Formas) tu ideal entre los diferentes sistemas se puede


Getting a regular morning routine was hard for me in the start. I had one briefly, then would quit and fall off, but I can attest that if you stick

Promoción realizando el nivel 1 y 2.Curso de 1º y 2° Nivel de Reiki del sistema Karuna.Día: Domingo 26-05-19.Hora: 10 hs.Sitio: Centro Reiki

Headstand; noun. An act of balancing on one’s head and hands with one’s feet in the air. -Find something that brings you together. Together with

Speak your truth.

Tonight, we headstand.. practice... together! Next one will be prettier I swear 😂Just gotta try not taking each other out!On the plus side we

Sensitive souls are the brightest souls.

Through all our bodies.


Getting better slowly at getting up and slowly staying up! Huge respect to those who can hold handstands and walk and do handstand obstacle courses

Kairosclerosis es el momento en el tiempo en el is te estas dando cuenta que estás siendo feliz 😀..En esta foto es visible que estoy padeciendo