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The universe makes no mistakesThere for honey,you’re on the right spot.(good or not so good)Doesn’t matter what you doing right now or whom you

*******A lovely tea time with the sisters at the monastery. Love the bonding moments. I cannot ask for more than this

Grace is the continual bestowal of divine energy into the many contexts of our lives. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀In good times, when we

Mindful Eating Day 3: Salmon Sashimi (152g), sweet potato (1/2), cherry tomatoes (5) = 331cal..마음챙김 먹기 3일차: 연어 사시미 (152g

Some stretch that helping me alot to get hollowback,just remember practice,and attitude it will come to u. Not in in 1day, but it will come.📸

Die Spuren im Sand. Gerade eben habe ich dieses Foto gefunden, und ich bin sicher dass die Spuren im Sand (egal in welchem Sand) wahrscheinlich schon

[MEDITATION] 🧘🏽‍♀️.Jour 13 : Le Moment Présent est votre Boussole et votre Aimant.“Le moment présent est rempli de joie et de

🇩🇪 Ein Problem, eine Sorge, eine dunkle Wolke zieht an Deinem geistigen Himmel vorbei? Sie macht dir zu schaffen? Auch wenn Du noch nicht

Crystal combs for days. I adore the lovely vibrant colors I've been using lately. Inspired by the Spring season I suppose. #crystals #crystallover

💛 Always follow your own magical path! Do things YOUR way and don't worry so much about what others will think or say. Stop living your life for

Work from your home/cafe/office/anywhere…in any country.Unemployed? Out of Options?Think Again. We Have Your Plan B…And YOU GET PAID DAILY!It

Ace represents desire. Diamonds represent values – not necessary wealth, but beneficial qualities at large. Inspired, you can create a big band of

The power and the energy of love is so abundantly strong that if everyone were to open the heart Center heart and minds did the Divine connection with

Sri Bhagavad Gita: "In Karma-yoga no effort is ever lost, and there is no harm. Even a little practice of this discipline protects one from great fear

I am often asked “How do you do it? How do you get it all done and appear tact?”.The answer is, I stop. I full-stop regularly and I

Have you experienced the healing waters of Siargao, Philippines!? You are cordially invited to bathe in sound and practice for our ‘Summer Solstice

Blog remix! “After the Goldrush” My breathing found the mountain rhythm, and I let my cares go. A week-and-a-half away from the unexpected turmoil

2 years cigarette free. 30 days without drinking in excess or getting drunk once. Life has a way of throwing you curve balls. Sometimes you have to

Starfish to stardust/starzaddy. 🤠💓 10 years was a lifetime- a wholly different person ago. That kid in the Beijing night market had just

New year/new blog post! “Brand New Person/Same Old Mistakes?” I lied about not being afraid. Not on purpose, because I truly wasn’t afraid to