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Mais um mine tutorial 🙈Eu continuou nessa pegada de tons de rosa e roxo estou super amando, e amando principalmente essa nova paleta da

💆‍♀️ Não precisa se preucupar, lá no nosso perfil você encontra nos destaques um método para gastar pouco e ter o cabelo dos seus sonhos


Coffee? ✅ Mascara? We can help you with that‼️👌 We’ve got a range of great mascaras and the best part is they’re all affordable


Mascara 4D nhà Missha chuốt nhẹ nhàng tự nhiên cho mấy bạn đi học đi làm đây. ✨Mascara 4D Missha với hiệu ứng làm dài, d

Finally got around to drawing Sothis. There's so much detail in her outfit that it's hard to draw her without a proper reference for me. #shorthair

NaturalA natural light tan. Our Crème Lipstick never felt so good! These luxurious lipsticks glide on soft and are packed with rich, delicious

🎭 ÍTEM EXCLUSIVO!Máscara UKA UKA do jogo Crash Bandicoot.APENAS 124,99 (Preço por tempo limitado).Máscara muito bonita e detalhada ideal

ヴィルトゥーズ ドールアイ コフレ新しいマスカラがほしくて、お得なコフレになったランコムのドールアイを購入しました🎶マスカラ、アイライナー、リップのセットで、お休みの日ならこれだけで外に出られそう!マスカラはボリュームも長さもちゃんと出てつけまつげみたい!暑い中1日遊んでも全然落ちませんでした💡アイライナーはペンシルタイプで、やわらかく描きやすいけどにじむかな…リップはパッケージより赤みがあって誰でも使いやすそうです。.Lancôme virtuose dolleyeTrio of mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. The mascara gives both volume and length to eyelash, and long lasting! Never come off after walking outside all day. Eyeliner is not so better I feel... but lipstick is more reddish than in package, so will be fit for every people!. #makeup #lancome #mascara #virtuosedolleyes #eyeliner #lipstick #ランコム #ヴィルトゥーズドールアイ


🎭 ÍTEM EXCLUSIVO!Máscara Aku Aku do jogo Crash Bandicoot.APENAS 124,99 (Preço por tempo limitado).Máscara muito bonita e detalhada ideal


Summer just got hotter! Glow Up Highlighter Palette coming through on that skin work and we're here for this! 😍🔥😫 #Repost @sarahkyola

Coffee coffee coffee ☕️ this instant download is available on our Etsy shop.Create a custom Coffee gift for that coffee lover in your life.. #svg

Throwback to this vibrant eyeshadow 😍🤩 PS, this stick foundation will be restocked in all shades on my website. Need a color match? DM me.


Masacara in new packaging!😍 For purchase click link in bio or whatsapp 0179457481 to place order🔥🙌 #sayajualmakeupmurah

Who actually loves their curly hair ? I don’t really like looking like curly fries but oh well 😅😂 Lips : @nyxcosmetics Eyebrows :

/ MIN•I•MIZE /⠀⠀cleaning out my makeup drawer because these gifted items were never used.⠀⠀1. @narsissist | @maccosmetics | @chanel.

louis vuitton who? ladies let's embrace our dark circles and eyebags please so I can throw away my concealer products used: @spacecasecosmetics

Love seeing some of my friends on my page. 🤗💋Maternity shoot makeup by @preetiartistry

Is this what you look like after getting caught in the rain ...?! I can help ya, 🙋🏻‍♀️ waterproof mascara is where it’s at. #rain

وربي فنانه كيف ابرزتي ملامحها بطريقه مو اي احد يسويها @lujainqaffas


• •طبعا ذا يعتبر حل مؤقت وبسببه يبين انه في هالات أما حل يكون شبه دائم بحقن كمية فيلر بسيطه تحل المشكله 👍.. #ندى_عبدالله✨•• @nada__artist•

• •يممووتتت😩🔥🔥🔥•• @shaima_alqasimi_makeup•

• •تستخدمين كحل ابيض او بيج👌✨•• •

Week 20 if the #52weeknailchallenge is #FrenchTips. I decided on some glittery pink french glitter tips for this weeks prompt. 💜💗

• •لوك صباحي للعيد نعومه وجمال😭💓💓•• @ranaamakeupartist•

• •نطافة وانوثة اللوك ييججننن😍💓💓💓✨•• @makeupbynouf•

This Bath Bomb will make you sleep like a baby 🐬———————————————————————Cette Bomb vous endormira

There's something about a women with a loud mind 🤯that sit in the silence,🤫 smiling😘 knowing she can crush you with the truth