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Nem tudom, emlékeztek-e még rá, hogy tavasszal a megjelenés idején mennyire kíváncsi voltam a @maybelline Dream Urban Cover bb krém/ alapozój

Empty 153) random cheap eye cream from boots. Sure this was about £2. Would actually recommend this if you’re on a budget #projectpan #useitup2018


Запись на макияж /брови ➡️ DirectWhat’s App/ Viber ➡️ 89836901110

Even though I’m not going back to New York until next April, I’m starting to pick bits up in advance as it’s a nightmare to find decent travel

All about @hourglasscosmetics and the stunning Mecca Glow shade! I can always rely on Hourglass for quality products that work, I haven't tried a

What do you like best; coffee or tea? ..I personally never liked coffee, so when I found out @wakulicoffee was working on tea as well and wanted me

Dear self, Akan selalu Ada yg suka ataupun ngga suka sama apapun yg Kita kerjain...ngga usah pusing, Berkarya saja dari hati, ikhlas Dan jujur...


Ini foto dari jauh, masih oke kann? selamat ya buat mimin wkwk. Maapkeun yg kemaren sempet mau booking tp udh full booked. Iyaa soalnya miminnya yg

Hair & makeup for 💕



So happy Aldi finally has these sheet masks back in stock. Why pay for garnier when these are half the price. Really recommend these #projectpan

repost from @makeupsyantik Siapa suka pakai maskara ? -😘😘😘---- Silahkan Like, Follow dan tag teman kamu ya!!!!-- #makeup

Apply sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Since a lifetime of sun exposure can cause wrinkles, age spots and other

👑Королеве все к лицу☺Замечательные стилисты и визажисты @rive_gauche_az

絶妙色に一目惚れ👀”こっくりした深みオレンジが入ったシェードのパレット。💄オレンジと茶を合わせたような赤。ローズのようなピンクみが強く出てしまう赤が多い中こちらは深くスパイシーでヘルシーな赤。この色が欲しくて探していたど真ん中の色。秋冬に向けて色や質感をこっくりしたい気分に。ランコムの人気色は売り切れになるとなかなか手に入りません。私も未だに買えない色が何本かある…お早めに♡. @lancomeofficial #イプノパレット 11 #ラプソリュルージュルビー02(9/13発売). #lancome #eyeshadowpalettes #lipstick #makeupartist #beauty #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #cosmetics #miwakomizuno #ランコム #カッパーブラウン #メイク #ビューティー #おすすめメイクアイテム


Congraduation mimin wkwk.Ga sempet foto 1 pun pas abs baru selese makeup gara2 udh telatt. Foto ini diambil saat udah kelar semua acara kampus

I’m living for that blue eyeliner though ☀️ Eyeliner: @elfcosmetics ‘teal tease’Centre shadow: @nyxcosmetics ‘prague’Brows:

We completely understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Trying to get dinner organised, get the kids to sleep, finishing off work and tidying

Ya ben bebek ürünlerinin hastasıyım ya hem içerikleri temiz oluyor hem de kokusu güzel oluyor 🐣 Saç spreyi gerçekten saçın kolay taranmas

Sunset🌅.......💜product used💜💜 @bhcosmetics : take me back to brazil eyeshadow palette & brushes💜 @maybelline : lash sensetional



💙pretty blue and purple cut crease using my fav @staceymariemua xl carnival pro palette 💜

"I love that it doesn't transfer on my eyes, which is a bonus for me. I hate when you get panda eyes because of lashes touching your skin. Super

Not been working last few months as been traviling but home for a week b4 I'm off again 😁😁so here's a few from creamfields 🎉 black smokes


So here is my my very first makeup tutorial as promissed. A very soft and wearable look for family events or dinners. More comming in soon. Hope you

| heute haben wir den ganzen Tag am Strand verbracht. Es hat so gut getan gleich geht es Abendessen... trotzdem bin ich natürlich weiter fleißig am