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The Great Indian Hornbill is considered a symbol of pride it's native Western Ghats. It's even the State Bird of Kerala! #TheGreatIndianHornbill

The Sahyadri Lacewing is a magnificent tawny yellow, black and white butterfly, native to the Western Ghats of India and Sri Lanka. #SahyadriLacewing

The Nilgiri Tahr population has increased from a mere 100, in the early 20th Century, to about 3122, today. The Western Ghats of India are the natural

The Malabar Gliding Frog from the Western Ghats of India, also known as the Malabar Flying Frog is one of the largest moss frogs in the world.

The Nilgiri Blue Robin, also known as the Nilgiri Sholakili or the Nilgiri Shortwing is indigenous to the forests of the Shahyadri Mountain ranges of

Soaring mountains and rolling fields of beauty, what better excuse is there than an adventure into the depths of rural Herefordshire. #rusticretreat

To all our intrepid travellers out there I am escorting another fabulous Bayview Travel Small Group Tour, destination Japan in November. If you would

The Lion-tailed Macaque is one of the many unique, endangered species inhabiting the mystical forests of the great Western Ghats of India. #macaque

Unable to give justice to the incredible, breath-taking snow capped mountains of Baghdad below. Sat in a seat left of middle wing without a window

Maui’s open roads are a feast for the eyes, the mountain views are magnificent [swipe right] ⛰ If you’d like a 10% discount on Hawaii car hire

Couldn’t land in Fort Ware because of the fog so we landed in Tsay Keh Dene and waited for pick up from a member of the Fort Ware to take us into

Haven’t seen mountains and glaciers so massive and gorgeous, and done a trekking so much fun! 🥰 (including battling with the harsh weather) Cerr

Atlas Mountains - I was checking photos last night ... Nothing else to do and I realise I didn't have this device handy to update my drive into the

Passing through Isere on our way back to Savoie, the Chartreuse always takes my breath away. Clouds smatter sun bathed snowy peaks, the forest is

About Thursday... When the dude says, 'are we going for a ride', you know it's never going to be just a ride.We had some days off between Christmas

DAY 248: Lazy days, gluten free burgers, creamery ice cream, magnificent mountains, rolling home and lots of Italian lessons.

Toodles flying high! This pic makes me feel super Christmassy. The beautiful mountains, clear blue sky and crisp cold air. This was about 3 years ago

Third day in a row hiking around the blue mountains and I'm still loving it! I've found myself complementing mountains and trees 🤨 What's this

Daybreak - 6” new snow - the horses are waiting 🙃.

DAY 233: Early morning popcorn dates, my glorious mountain, cheeky chihuahuas, inspirational lunches (and plenty of giggles) with my Penny (so

Day 1 of the new CCCxALBION partnership. Fitting start too : a Dawn-to-Dusk Belgian Blast "Ride-With-Walt" in "intermittent rain with occasional heavy

Not a bad place to start off the ski season! Worth the sore legs tommorrow for sure!! #banffnationalpark, #sunshinevillageskiresort, #canada, #slopetime