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So I ended up sitting on top of our fence, soaking pine needles with a spray bottle to create a reference for this piece. Can’t wait to wrap it up

My first time finding what my research leads me to believe is a mycena aurantiidisca! It sports a lovely bright orange-red colored cap that measured

[綠繡眼]綠繡眼是燥動兒常常都抓不住焦今天他飛到眼前停了五分鐘讓我拍個夠不禁感嘆 鳥為食亡!https://www

I love Spring so much! It's time for us to come out of hibernation and bloom into anything beautiful that we so choose! I feel like I've been

Sometimes we get so caught up with the big picture, that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic... #photography #bug #bugs

Well this was delicious! I never thought I would be able to handle #lowcarb days on the FASTer Way. It turns out these days are my favorite because I

Some sort of very small black wasp. This photo is stacked from 687 individual photos!! 😲😲😲😲 I have stacked 8 parts individually and after

A beautiful sunset

A beautiful blue flower

#macro shot of my current mani *All details in previous post

This male GS Woodpecker couldn't find any nuts in the top so I bet it thought I'll bore my way up thru the bottom.Fairburn Ings, Castleford

"Nadie pierde (repites vanamente) sino lo que no tiene y no ha tenido nunca, pero no basta ser valiente para aprender el arte del olvido. Un s

Tuesday blog post of the and white street photography revisited 😊 I haven’t had the chance to do any street photography in a while

••••••• For Y💛U!! •••••••Sweet Hugs, Friends!Letty-🐞••••Captured By: #LettyVAllSmiles 🤗🌹

🌱🌼Spring is my Favorite season!🌼🌱••Stay Happy Friends,Letty-🐞••••Captured By: #LettyVAllSmiles 🤗🌹Captured

London Vibes🏰 🇬🇧 What’s on your bucket list? I can now cross off London on my list! I do hope visit again! 💙☎️💙I want see the