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🎵: Buddha - Kontekst 🎶————Frankly, I totally forgot the name of this bath bomb (which was a fast fizzer but at least it smelled

The smell of this Hottie massage bar is very nice 😍 , with its balls on the surface it is very good for the back 💫 .......... #lushie

🖋Dear John Gift🖋I’m actually pleasantly surprised by the Father’s Day range this year - it doesn’t feel like an afterthought for once!


One shower jelly I thought I would never see was Ghost shower jelly. The year it came out as a shower jelly, we got it as a shower gel here in NZ and

🍊fruit punch waters🍊I really like the giant bombs with floaties in them. It gives a spa like experience without as much clean up hassle. I


I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly 😏 bath cocktail featuring two @lushcosmetics christmas exclusives: santa’s belly shower jelly &

X-🌲 Currently really missing the Needles and Pines shower jelly from Lush Cosmetics at the moment 🌲-X

My order from @lush_ausnz arrived just before shower time. I have shopped at Lush for years but always for bath bombs & bubble bars anytime I’m

📦🛍Lush UK Haul🛍📦This package smelled amazing! Probably because it had quite a few leaks too and caused a tiny mess.Grl Pwr Bubble Bar,

Introducing a new kind of posts: bath tray shots! I recently got a bath tray for my tub, and I love it. I keep overfilling it though 🙈.....

I’m still on that shower jelly kick. Whoosh shower jelly is my favourite regular line shower jelly. I would be lost if Lush ever decided to

Lush Bouncy Bunny shower jelly smells soooooooooo invigorating. This is the last time you’ll see this little guy - he’s about to get chopped


EBAY AND DEPOP HAUL!•So, if you watched my story the other day, you’ll know I was talking about aaaall the bargains I have gotten from Depop and

🍊Fruity Giant Bombshell🍊these are floaties I can vibe with 😍 & guess what, lush dries all the slices themselves 😱

🍊Uluru Shower Gel🍊Who’s tried this one?

Скоріше приходьте до нас за цими легендарними желе для душу!Зігріваючий Йог Ног, найсолодша Гармонія, аутентичний 29 Хай Стріт, чи може свіжий Сливовий дощ?Це справжні ексклюзиви, тому не зволікай! #lushcosmetics #lushukraine #lush #lushshowerjelly #lushlegends

【Earthquake in Hong Kong?!】We heard someone saying that there would be EARTHQUAKES happening in Central today......🤯Was that true???.Well

Thích đi tắm 🤪 nên là ngoài shopping các thứ các thứ thì mình còn đổ 1 đống bác hồ vào các thể loại thú vui khi t

My #bathtoy cái cục này bt bỏ vào tủ lạnh xong đi làm về lấy ra tắm vừa thôm vừa đã lắm các bạn ạ :)))) #lovetobath

Splurge tomorrow at 12 noon EST! CHECK OUT THIS SWEET GOODIE!! $17 Not eligible for buy5g1,not eligible to use the following hostess half offs , or


🍊citrus swirls🍊

➡️ Swipe to see big calm inspired nail art 💅🏽 Big calm is one of my favourite jelly’s from Lush! It’s just as beautiful to look at, as

🧡🦋Wild Butterfly🦋🧡

⚠️swipe to deconstruct⚠️

The bubble sieve for the cocktail looked like this and consisted of: 🍐Open Your Heart bubble bra🍐Golden Pear shower Jelly ❇️ Green fun

3 exclusive beauties Conga, Bongo and Beats 🌸 swipe right ➡️ for more 🤤I hope these are in the next release as everyone should have the

💤 Sleepy Time 💤——————————I’m gearing up to start dancing again tomorrow as we had a lil break, so I wanted something to


You guys 🤦🏼‍♀️ I completely forgot to press record when I started my bath 😬 Oops, it happens 🙊 —————Here’s what I

I am obsessed with pink baths 🎀💕 Especially when that includes the comforter bubble bar and pink fun 💗👸🏼 @lushcosmetics @lushkitchen

a little #texturetuesday featuring @lushcosmetics’ santa belly shower jelly from christmas 🎅🏼 do you use christmas exclusives all year?? or

🍊Orange Juice Bath🍊No lie, the end result bathwater was alarmingly similar to straight up OJ 😂

Recently I have started bringing out my camera while bathing again, and I’m so excited! My photos look so much better! Here is a cocktail I did a

Loving zingy fruitiness of these duo, and added warmth from the cardamon oil 👌🏻 love to pair these with other fruit flavours, like berry bubble

#Repost from @allchopnostop. Tonight’s cocktail 👇🏻- GRL PWR bubble bar 🌸- Unicorn Horn 🦄- Pink FUN 💗- Merry Berry soap 🍇-


My pretties😍 I was in love with the Golden Pear jelly until I smelled it but I’m super happy I sent it back as I got to try Twilight jelly for

Despite some of the jellies not being quite what I hoped I hope to see lush bring out more soon as I’ve missed seeing them in collections! What

Every single one of the jellies I ordered leaked by the time they arrived and are still leaking now if I’m not careful with them. Anyone else have

This is the final haul of jellies that I ordered from the Community Favourites😍 I’m super tempted to pick up a 29 High Street if it’s still in

I’m a big fan of shower jellies as even though they can be difficult to use they are also super fun! I use them by either rubbing them into a luffa

Golden Pear was the one jelly I was so excited to try as it was a reasonably new scent I adored but it can have a super strong bubble gum scent

Yuzu and Cocoa is one of my favourite lush scents so I was gutted when lush got rid of the scent from its mainline range, I’m really hoping it


The Yuzu shower jelly smells slightly different to the other products in the same scent but I’m still happy that it returned💛 Anyone else think

I adore the similar Big Calm/Jungle design of the Yuzu jelly, with the half opaque half solid colours it’s so pretty💛 #lush #lushie

While I enjoy the scent of the Yummy Mummy scent I don’t think it smells exactly the same as everything else in the scent family, my nose detects

Currently thinking up a delicious YM/strawberry bath cocktail to have soon🍓🍓 What products do you think I should use for it? #lush #lushie

I was thrilled to add another Yummy Mummy scented product to my collection, I’d be thrilled to see the shower gel return or see a body spray in the

The Twilight scent has defiantly been growing on me a lot across the past few years, it’s so relaxing and I love the tonka ingredient that sweetens

Twilight has to be the prettiest jelly Lush have released, it’s absolutely stunning and I can’t believe I’ve only just picked one up!🌌✨

Twilight is slowly making its way up my favourite lush scent list💜 it’s such a relaxing scent and I love spraying the body spray on my pillow and

💜😴 I can’t believe there was once a time I hated the scent of lavender, Twilight defiantly helped to change my opinion of the scent! #lush


Deep Sleep is another of the new exclusive bath bombs I’ve picked up lately. While it’s not Twilight scented I can’t wait to pair the two scents