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Perfect day to head out fishing. To make it even better we are off for the night, sleeping on the boat then more fishing tomorrow.Catch you later


The chocolate Easter 🐣 eggs are all eaten and it’s back to business with training with the best global business leaders! Learners are earners and

I went for a hike today with my human! We stopped at a waterfall, and I couldn’t resist sitting my booty down in the cold water😍 #happyday #puppy


I have been in the gym killing it lately. I'm on a mission and these demons keep trying to pull me back in the deep end. #mightymade #fitness

Every just want to go on a hike in nature and smell the great outdoors? Except it is Monday and you have a job...Cedarwood essential oil in your

Goodby Singapore, hello Australia, our hotel room has a view of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge 🥰🥰🥰 #holiday

| National Park Week Garcia Top 10 - #9 Carlsbad Cavern NP |To show our National Parks some love this week, we are counting down our favorite

Happiness, fun and excitement are my key elements to living a fulfilled life. Remember to just have fun and experience life because there is no point


What a great Earth Day. The cool misty weather has been perfect to work in the greenhouse potting up the eggplants, peppers and tomatoes. All of us at

Happy Amazing Earth Day!! 🌍 I couldn’t have picked a better day to explore this amazing and utterly beautiful place we call home. **Make me

the 80’s was a great era to be a teenager. i now have teenage girls and they are into the music and fashion i was into back then ⏰

HAPPY 🌈🌎🌞 EARTH DAY!we are undeservedly offered such abundance from this planet & it is our duty to treat it, & it’s creatures with


What nine years of clean eating looks like! 👀I was 31 in the first picture! Now 40. If it hadn't been for my husband handing me Robb Wolf's book

Happy Monday #fitfam Forever thankful to God for allowing me to wake up every morning and workout so I’m able to live my best life.Gotta love a

Every Day Is Earth Day

Chase those dreams and passions whatever they may be!! Then give back!! Leave that POSITIVE impact and legacy upon the world!! What will your name

When brother and sister keep sneaking you candy 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ #lovinglife #noahkeith


Had a lovely day, enjoying Whistle Down The Wind at the @minacktheatre with some non-alcoholic @scavirayuk fizz. Such a wonderful alternative.

Sharrrrrkkkkkkksssss😍Yes we went to Opera house for Easter and saw 7 Grey Nurse Sharks. Was a very special Easter #bucketlistdiver #bucketlist


Face in on fire. Grateful to see the neurosurgeon tomorrow again hopefully for an actual solution to some of the issues. On the bright side my new


SELF-CARE 30: DAY 15 - EARTH DAY Celebrating our environment and the plants 🌱 and animals we need to care for and protect. We did this today at

When the sun came out today .:...The dog has thoroughly enjoyed catching sticks and tormenting other dogs on the beach today

OMG! WHAT AN EPIC WEEKEND! 🤩♥️🥳.................Had one of the most amazing weekends of my life made of heaps of fun,