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According to research, Sunday is the best day for having a spa !! Especially when you go to Oasis Spa ❤️ Call for more information : +6622622122

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Cherish every beautiful moment given 💓💓💓.You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known—and even

Riyaz Riyaz Riyaz #s #loveyou #whatsapp📲 #sad

I'm hella crying now. Y is the world such a cruel place I swear. Kids, babies, anyone innocent dying in this world in a harsh way. I swear😞--

Happy birthday @jenna.dancer.11 I love you so much and I can’t wait to make more memories with you!! Hope your day is great!! #Loveyou🥰

My lover, my other half 💞 couldn’t ask for a better best friend I love our million pictures we take and all the memories we have together

When you find out you aren’t getting a pony for your birthday 🐴 #14yearsoldgirl #teenagers🙄 #loveyou🥰

Now I am used to finding seaglass everywhere in every pocket of the car in my handbag the washing machine and even in the dryer

Thời gian trôi nhanh vãi ra, chưa gì đã sắp hết ngày Chủ Nhật... ☹️ Con cún Miso thì lúc nào cũng chỉ mong đến cuối

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Vale la pena encontrar persona que te hacen sonreír cuando realmente no quieres hacerlo. Eres y seguirás siendo una bendición para mi 💕

Recuerdo de nuestra unión civil 7 marzo 2019 🥰Y mas aún ahora, estando lejos de casa, se que eres mi mejor complemento, mi fortaleza y mi hogar

The psalmist says I rejoiced when I heard them say let us go to the house of the Lord... ..What would you give to have a life where, you constantly


THIS MADE ME SO SO HAPPY!!!!! @curvesbecomeher has been my biggest cheerleader online for a while, and likewise her strength, body positivity and


My little munchkin has such a contagious smile 😊😍

Mal ne alte Freundin fotografiert, sieht Mega aus in Aquamarin, wer fragen zum Kostüm, Person, Einstellungen und Ort hat. Einfach private Mail.

Federkopfschmuck mal etwas anders.

Heute mal ne gute Freundin fotografiert, sieht Mega eindrucksvoll aus der Kopfschmuck. Wer was zur Person, Kostüm, Einstellungen, Ort wissen möchte

Heute mal ne gute Freundin fotografiert, wenn jemand zum Kostüm, der Person, der Einstellung und Ort Bescheid wissen möchte, gern private Nachricht

Estes Mocassins no Estilo Argentino, cores Preta e Pinhão, são obras-primas assinadas pela Pacco. Além da beleza que se nota de imediato, eles têm