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Hast du mal darüber nachgedacht ob du wirklich das tust was du tun möchtest?.Völlig gleich in welchem Bezug. Ob deine Arbeit, deine Hobbys, dein

😊My Facebook page has had a facelift.See for yourself at Allanah-Elizabeth Poetess or search @allanahelizabethqowAnd while you're there why not

Just be ❤️❤️❤️Reposted from @johanna_gardner - ♥️ It takes consistent, consecutive ACTS OF LOVE to make a true impact in people's

Collective Resonance Reading ~ 32419 🌀•Panther speaks of annihilation of the unccesassary and purging. It is becoming clear now, what must stay

I hope everyone had an amazing first Weekend of Spring! 💐🌷☀️ Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who shopped, commented and

Ela me olhava com esse sorriso covarde, joia mais exótica em qualquer detalhe👑Ahh como amo❤️ Peace&Love✌🏼 #MyPrincess #LoveIsAll

Sunday Funday @ The Art of Coffee & Tea... serving up Hampton Roads Real Estate Market news to the masses! Sooo #grateful #loveisall

Inciter les hommes à craindre Dieu uniquement par peur d’aller en enfer.C’est vraiment faire preuve d’immaturité et de déséquilibre. Pré

Для того, кто остается самим собой и счастлив сам в себе, в ком прекратились стремления и отсутствует чувство эго, жизнь становится спонтанной и исключительно чистой. For one who remains himself and is happy in himself, in whom aspirations have ceased and there is no sense of ego, life becomes spontaneous and exceptionally pure. #india #puri #jagannath #pilgrimage #vaishnava #mahalaxmi #deeptiyogaswitzerland #loveisall

Swami Hridyananda, was one of my teachers on my TTC when I was welcomed into the Sivananda family. I studied the Bhagavad gita with her.Also my

S U R R E N D E R 💜💚❤️ Gaia is a glorious classroom • Everything is a lesson in love 🙏🏻 Link in bio for full video ✌️🥳

#yellow for spring sunny day ☀️ w/ @tonak_hats [Werbung da Verlinkung / ad ] ..🇨🇿 H. & já posíláme KISSESSSSSSS 💋 gratulujeme už te

well... hello STUTTGART 👋🚶‍♀️👋 heute zu Fuß durch Stuttgart... vom Kubus über die Oper, an der #Staatsgallerie 🎨 vorbei, die Stä

🎉🎉Attimi di noi, attimi di questo giorno speciale tutto tuo, nel quale chi ti ama davvero può dimostrarti quanto tu sia importante

Hast du gewusst, dass jeder Mensch eine bestimmte Liebessprache spricht ? Gary Capman hat hierzu ein interessantes Buch geschrieben 💕 ..

The happiest children in the world having stayed the weekend with mum and dad ....thanks to both and what a lovely weekend #oldfriends #family

You were born to be U N I Q U E 🥳 • Embrace your individual unique self. This in turn allows one to embrace another one’s individual unique

All is a miracle.♥️All is in motionAll movesAll breathesThe sky breathesThe earth breathesEven the sun breathesIt turns and we turnAnd

As the sun goes down on this beautiful daySome much needed time to read& reflect on how lucky I am to have truly good people in my lifeTo all

Love is everywhere. Learn to find its "no-filter" perfection. I can feel it in a sunny day of March, in a walk on the seaside, in a perfect lunch and

“Todos los días te quiero y te odio irremediablemente. Y hay días también, hay horas, en las que no te conozco”........... #quotes

The grooms asked everyone at their wedding to wear white and they wore amazing one of a kind suits made with hand painted silk from Dolce and Gabbana

Tu es le soleil de ma vie, sans toi elle n’a pas de sens.. Je n’aurai jamais assez de mots pour remercier l’ange qui t’a mis sur mon chemin!

• una rosa è senza perché: fiorisce perché fiorisce, di se stessa non si cura, non chiede d’esser vista • 🖤🌹 . #kindisthenewclassy

Here's to love 💕 Here's to happiness 💕 And here's to sharing happiness with someone else 💕

The moment I realized I couldn’t really categorize myself as a Christian and realized because of the beliefs I’d held since I was a child I never

Verliebt, verlobt, verheiratet ❤ dieses Jahr im August findet die kirchliche Trauung der beiden statt. Ich freue mich schon sehr wieder dabei sein