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For me, life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer

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Who are you proud of? ✨ We cannot simply assume our children know we are proud, so we must learn how to effectively communicate our pride. It’s

{what is a miracle} A miracle is very simple actually, it’s a “shift in perception” it’s the moment we begin to see the situation differently

✨Always a video so you can see how it is in real life and no edits ✨ recreation because his amazing

Ahora si que si!! 2 semanas, 14 días , 336 horas, 7 vuelos, 5 aeropuertos, 28 comidas, 605 fotografías, 12 noches, 100 abrazos, 7 kg de ropa

In love with comfy denim🌷New inDM us for fast reply 📱Wechat : hazell0209📱FB : Glamoure Fashionista

"Diamonds are a girl's best friends"-Lei è @esterbrandani-Se volete esser pubblicati inviateci le vostre foto ❤️- #love #TFLers #tweegram

Yuyin es, escaparse al jardín, ponerse a jugar con la llave del agua, que la llave de repente PUUUUM se abra, quedar mojada y con barro completa,

Estoy haciendo este bordado para la mejor tiendita de ropa america femenina @babyranita 🐸👖. Atentas chiquillas! La Dany vende un jeans de tiro

I don’t usually post photos of these two loveys, but it’s International Puppy Day, and Piper & Bennett truly give me joy and love every single day

Do you ever regret giving away too much of yourself to someone? Isn't the feeling worse enough to shatter you completely? And no matter how hard you


"Cicatrizes:É a vida deixando o registro oficial que você carrega uma dose extra de sabedoria" SEJA LUZ!


Weledas Natural baby diaper rash cream - I use this for when baby’s skin starts to look a little irritated, but you could use it all the time, it’

Thank you ..... 💕Repost @emmateu: Compassion... Is the wish to see others free from suffering - Dalai Lama 🙏❤🐨 This precious moment

the sun showed up again, so I looked up and asked it, “WHY?”the sun looked down and brightly whispered, “to give YOU another try”. ☀️

🍖🍗🍴.美味しいものを食べて大好きな人達と時間を過ごす。小さな幸せを大切にしよう💃..私は自分を信じてくれる自分と仲良くてくれる人と時間を共にしていきますฅ•ω•ฅ.自分に余裕が出来たら周りの人に恩返ししたい!そのためにはまずは自分🙋✨. #焼肉 #lunch #銀座

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아가들이 넘 많구 ,,사진 찍으려면 애기들한테 양해 구하기 💦💦

#thankyou for your generous donation to @pals_pets. This will help replenish out medical fun. It's always great when local business support local