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ok just wanted to say tygsm for 1k. i literally never thought i’d get here in a million years. i remeber when i had 75 followers and was using a

My mood rn because we are 3k omg--- 😍😍😍

Welcome to Japan!!!I can't wait meet and greet💜💜miss you my angel 😢❤️ @loren @lorenxgray #lorengray

Fuck.. I feel so sad.. Harvey will be back in Paris tmrw and I can't see him.. I hate everytime to know that he comes in France or Belgium .. cuz I

Wolves 🐺

: ‌✧✦✦✧ @peachmartine ‌✧✦✦✧We are here to support you forever and always no matter what 💗💐 you are the best🌻🏹 I

So, this row was the pesto previously i had and i said, let this theme also finish talking please likes and get leverano tag you

Collab with @hug.onaI mean she snapped🥵Part 1: (Ona)she Part 2:(Loren)meac: orchideou.sdt.taggedfc.506

—🖕🏻єиєму ¢яυѕн😳I mind her skin smoother lol 😂—✨—App: ibis paint x —🗓—March 25—💓—Fv: 411 Tag @loren

Hey!Follow me pls I love u soooooo much😘♥️😘♥️follow,like,comment Ily😘💛If 1.4.2019 100 Followers do not close account #loren

i’m so proud of this fartface like watching her live her dream makes me so happy. i cant explain how much i want her to accomplish all of her dreams

3/3 theme__________________________________________________________________Hey beautiful bbys ❤️💜🖤...

ما راح تشفون الطف منها مع الفان افف كيوتت مره ، والغرض يجنن مع ان مو واضح لكن اعرف لورين حلوهآ واكيد العرض حلو ويجنن عليها😭💙 #لورين #لورين_قراي #loren #lorengray

Baddie 😎[ repost on story ? Ty ]-‼️ FLASH WARNING ‼️-Please don’t let this flop ty 🤠-App?!: cute cut pro ( paid version )Ac:

Aaaaa meu anjo completou 16 milhões tou tão feliz por ela 😍🎉que venha logo os 17 💕 @loren @lorenxgray