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Happy Tuesday. I woke up like this! When life is crazy and unpredictable take time to remember where you have come from and where you are headed!

Roads and paths walked today. Hong Kong has been brilliant, today I wandered and wandered with my tiny feet for ages, saw things and ended up going up


June Tour // Part 1 (!!! Many more to come!!!)We started our journey in the UK. It's never easy to travel so far away by car but we received a lot of


I often can be spotted staring at the sky or skyscrapers or other things around me, few of my friends make fun of me for this, I just observe things

My daily home-grown fruit salad 😊🌱🍓for day 137 was passionfruit, strawberries, mandarin and Ambarella plum (aka hog plum or June plum).

Spent the day on board “Popeye” on Saturday! Over to Formentera for some lunch and round the coast for fun on the seabobs. #deakinsjollys


Beautiful country, friendly people, music and dancing in the streets. I loved my time in Cuba and hope our government allows us to visit this

Cause yesterday was the championship Raptors parade and it felt so good to celebrate and feel those positive vibes ! 🏀🦖 #letsgoraptorsSo

After I picked up my visa, I went to wander around the Hong Kong island, well for me parks and plants are the bees knees ^^ jackfruit tree! And others


Good day at Bali, this wave is called « impossible », but you know.... « impossible » is not imposible 🤙🏽💪🏾😉. #surf #goodwave

WEBSITE UNDER MAINTENANCE!! New Products/ New Website/ New Community Tab/ New Sponsors and Clubs!! Thank You For All Your Patience!COMING SOON!! www

And now for the Pastel Enchi YB x Enchi clutch results! 🥁 ..1st up, Pastel Enchi YB female 😍..Only the 2nd one I’ve produced so far (the

O Templo de Uluwatu reina imperioso no topo do belíssimo cliff de mais de 70 metros. Uau! Uma das vistas mais incríveis em Bali. ..O templo em si

If you missed out on the Beyond Meat (BYND) IPO, keep your eyes peeled for AirBNB set to be the next big IPO. The IPO date has not been confirmed.

Do we just book the whole restaurant?? 🤔

"Believe you can and you are halfway there.. "One of the first pictures taken by me with no DSLR but an 8px digicam.. I didn't know then but I


The customer at this house loves this patio we recently installed for them. Would you like Todd Hurley Electrical & Handyman Services to do something

The best response to a compliment is ‘Thank You.’ You don’t need to say anything more than that...Do you have trouble accepting compliments?

Motorcycle week 2019 was awesome! So many different events and getting to spend time with so many great friends. Started Thursday with testing the

Moving around, with big bro @melvinnomercymanhoef , Last little bit of work here in Holland before returning to the UK and heading to London for


This week we had plenty of super hero’s take their place in the sky. Are you ready to take yours?Diese Woche hatten wir jede Menge Superhelden am

Aho!Hoje pela manhã recebemos esse vídeo da @simvargas e o coração se encheu de alegria!Em Dezembro do ano passado ela nos deu a missão de

Something a little different. A balloon ride over Melbourne. Was so surreal and the feeling of truly floating. It was such a great opportunity to see

Chill on the canal in Gulf Harbors Woodlands! 🚩Location, Price & 40+ Photos: ☎️Call or 📲message us to see how we can


Muita gratidão por estar a fazer o que amo 🙏🏼♥️ muito orgulhosa de mim por todas as decisões que tomei até hoje e por ter lutado sempre