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Here is the (partial) process video of my earlier posted " Eye"portrait. I forgot I made this so here it is! Swipe to see the portrait if you haven't

"The world would be a shitty place without women. The woman is poetry. The woman is love. Woman is life. Thank them, asshole! "......

Things that made me smile this week include sending Michael in to the shop to buy rum and he comes out with a Valentine’s Day card for himself and

“Music is a time machine or 2”[inspired by @marcella.draws]

@jamaahustadzadihidayatlcma[SOUND ON]Selesai Kerja?Jangan langsung pulang dulu ya...(Link ada di bio untuk lihat video lainnya 😀)Bantu

Första tatueringen för L, tack för förtroendet 😊Vill du göra något liknande? Tveka inte att höra av dig!All-in BodyartBränningevägen

Поймала себя на том, что мне нравится рисовать #zentangle

Delirium Tremens pour mon pote Kiki. Merci d'avoir choisi ce flash gro, ca fait longtemps que j'avais envie de le faire.Fait au @pasdechance_tattoo.

I’m really digging progression this morning. I’m still not sold on the composition. I’m feeling a massive re-draw before I compose this carve.

레터링, 미니 타투 (팔의 굴곡으로 인해 그림이 변형되어 보일 수 있습니다.)도안 제작 가능하며 기존의 도안은 더 저렴하게 시술 가능합니다. 작업문의 DM or openkakao

MK in Hell (Hopefully)

Forcing myself to draw a background for my characters coz I used to draw them wandering in the blank of the paper 😅... #art #environmentdesign

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Recently I saw Liv teased an image with blue hair and I LIVed for it! Pink is soooo cute but I wouldn't be upset if she went blue anytime soon

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