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Founder/Owner of @xvbglamour wearing XVB Glamour’s “FYE” mink lashes and “Disco Doll” glitter lip gloss

My lens pointed at this muse @lilmama ..Make Up | @xoxoartistryHair | @stylezofporschaWardrobe | @sankaraxt.Shot at @dashstudiosny.

Chinese 🤑Indian & black

No weapon formed against me shall prosper👑🙏🏽✨

Bust down Thotiana 🤑

What I would give to have her back like this for one day! My khaleesi mama❤️ #tbt

It all started with a Facebook message... we have grown so much individually and as a couple!!! wishing my phenomenal Wife @themellymel21 a happy

Who kilt the latex lewk baddies?

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Happy birthday to this blessing!!! Lara!!! How are you a 1 year old!? We love you soooosooo much! But seriously..stop growing. Stay a baby forever

I don’t know what’s more important.. the fact that my lipgloss is poppin, my hair makes me 3 inches taller or that my eyelashes touch my eyebrows

#lilmama fine fine 🥵🥴🤷🏻‍♀️

My Baby Be Showing Off That's Right Boo Show Off That's Why She Be Giving Me Life She Look Good In Everything She Wear That's Why She The Best This

Thursday ThrowbackZombie Girl. . . . . . . . . . . . 🎭The Cardinal Mask🎭: . . . . . . . . . . . . #TheCardinalMask #zombies #lifestyle

I can't even 💓Thank you Kyle for this adorable gift for Sidney. I can't wait to see her chunky little legs in this! #LilMama #SpoiledSidney

I am gonna start the celebration early. My friend, and business partner, who I sometimes get to manage😂😂😂 @iamstephaniemills is turning 62 3

_moonmoonmooCheck this artist out Hit Link or go to #newartist. #beats #music #lgbtq🌈 #lgbt #pose #studio54. #NYC. #gay

Time flies! Pics are a little over 5 years apart. My first born! You changed my life, you love me unconditionally, you’re my best friend! #daughter

Cheesy hash brown with salsa- ready for you @thebakershubstl today until 6. I’ll be out causing mischief somewhere(or running mundane errands, who

A little something for the ride to work. I do not own the rights to this music or the content****This is for promotional use only **** #djs #dj

My lil mama is bad. 😂 She had the cutest round summer hat but stole her brother's cap and carried the football around chucking it as far as she

Lil Mama had a nightmare that I died and she had to figure out how to fend for herself 💔😭 So we cuddled in bed, watched #youtube vids about

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6 months have come and gone so if you catch me with crazy eyes it’s because I’m trying not to blink from here on out.