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hiiiii 😁

Wenn ich mir Fotos anschaue die vor 2-3 Jahren entstanden sind fällt mir etwas auf. Wird mal wieder Zeit was aus sich zu machen 😁👀 wer macht



A good diet means that it’s balanced and healthy. Not restrictive.

Let’s show our Western medical community that we don’t need their stinking meds. Let’s stop making them rich by buying their stuff which is crap

Wenn mir das Leben 100 Gründe gibt zu weinen, sorgt du dafür das ich 1000 Gründe habe zu lachen ❤️ morningslikethese #petitejoy

Yay for summer and >>>>less<<<< screen time (peep the tablet in Sis’s hands that is going to be hidden for the next 3 months) and not being trapped

Foi uma dedicação tipo desmedida, foi sim, mais de um ano construindo um espaço que abrigasse todo meu trabalho - produtos e artes plásticas- num


Me encanta SER como SOY 😎🖖🏻 ¡¡FELIZ DÍA DEL ORGULLO FRIKI!! ⭐️ #LovePeaceFashionRNR #DiaDelOrgulloFRIKI

Freundschaften fangen mit einer Begegnung an, irgendwo, irgendwie, irgendwann & meist ahnt man nicht dass dies einer der wichtigsten Menschen werden

Rituale ♻️ ⠀Rituale geben Halt. 🙏🏼 ⠀Viele erfolgreiche Menschen stehen morgens früh auf, um in Ruhe zu meditieren, Sport zu machen,

YES there was at least 10 Ferrari’s @carsandcoffeeoftheupstate this morning. However, I gotta give my most impressive car award to this Mercedes

Sport Style 👌🏼 #sabado .📷 .

We helped this client get move in ready! Once they make their first trip to the grocery store we will come back with labels.... @neatmethod


Quand c’est bizarre, il y a peut-être une raison ;)有的时候觉得奇怪的事情,其实都是有原因的 #nantes #lemondeestbizarre

In Hannover ist dieses Wochenende ein Street Foodfestival. Viele Trucks mit leckerem Essen. Ich würde hingehen. 😊•• #commontable


Что ты видишь / what is it?. #загадка, #чтонафото, #головоломка, #conundrum, #riddle, #pazzle, #shotonmi_ua,

Коли насолоджуєшся улюбленим шоколадом, тоді й свято 😁 Солодкий молочний із малиною або класичний чорний із пеканом? Які твої улюблені смаки крафтових смаколиків «Leopol’»? ❤️🍫

Well you can see some slight differences between the left one to my recent one on the right cany wait to see when its gets to a good faw mouths in do

Content is KINGMyself and @lewisraymondtaylor are thinking about putting together a free video training on how to create social media content that

É preciso ter força para viver pois os obstaculos nunca deixará de existir. Vamos seguindo com pensando positivo trabalhamdo o corpo e a mente e


Okei- Tell me about that great weather were you live. We had a nice sunny start this morning, and now- poof. Raaain. I can‘t accept that, after a

#mgirlssreview ..Our go to place for statement jewellery is definitely @esfirjewels . One of the best places to shop...CANT GET ENOUGH OF THESE

When life puts you in a tough situation don't say " why me" ,,, say " try me

i end up putting them in the closet anyway😳——follow @humblethreadss for more.this may/may not work for you.self promo will be deleted.give


In fondo con le mani Potevi farci un sacco di cose Un sacco di cose Il mio numero da chiamare Portare fuori il cane Ordinare da mangiare Invece

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