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Yes! Someone got it right for the first time. 💕 Should I say that this is better than flowers and chocolates on a Valentines? Lol!!Agree with me

Denim will never go out of style. (LOVE) #TheNewItGirl #licaandbambi #landbstyling #licaandbambiphotography................. #denim

The New It GirlSophisticated, elegant and carefee. She has that captivating beauty that embodies today's modern city girl.Photography by: Lica and

Because it's your day, I'm gonna post more photo of yours. Lol! HBD bro 🎉🎉👊📷: @bambiiinanah #licaandbambi #landbstyling

Happy happy birthday 🎊🎊 Wishing you the most wonderful things in life and nothing less. You will always be our new girl Crizel. Godbless

Happy happy birthday to our little girl Jaimie 🎂🎊🎊 Always remember me and ate Bea loves you. 💕 We miss you and our Hanggul class. Hihi

I was experimenting and looking for a different angle so I clicked many times for me to have this shot. This may not be perfect but i like it.Boys

On all those shots I got on this area, this is my favorite. 🌃📷 #licaandbambi #landbstyling #licaandbambiphotography..... #boy #男の子

It was the moment when I was looking for his good angle but he's really enjoying the night. After the shoot me and bambi can't ignore this photo of

"We are all wanderers on this Earth, our hearts are full of wonder, and our soul are deep with dreams." 💕👰📷: @johnpatrickkkkk #bohemian