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Sérieusement, ce first look. ⁣🤩Allez-vous faire un first look le jour de votre mariage? Ça donne tellement de beaux moment qu'on ADORE


BEAT ME UP TO ALL YOU WACK ASS HOES ! 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣 Snapchat : @k.iarababyyy- for more follow me ( @k.iarababyyyy )Tags : #daddy40kchall

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Nous sommes satisfaits de notre proprevie même si nous n'avons que cela. Avec mes chers amis et ma chère♥ #travelphotography #travel


Life-Point Emden heute beim Präventionstag „Gemeinsam vorbeugen – echt stark“ der Stadt Emden im Stadtgarten (Ecke Rathausplatz/Neutorstraße

Yesterday I said goodbye to my home for the past 6 years @stonewalluk . I’ve had the absolute time of my life working here, have learnt so much and

Peonies ✨Couldn’t have enjoyed this anymore, thank you so much Raphaela!


Listen to my song, link in bio Thanks.Share with your friends too, please support me. I love you all. Support me today so that I can become a

"Cuenta la leyenda que desde tu cama se puede viajar a lo más alto del cielo." / "Legend has it that you can travel to the highest part of the sky


❤✖You can’t make them love you. They either do or they don’t. Recognize the difference and proceed accordingly✖..💥🔥. .

Happy pride Birmingham Love is love!!! I thought it was important to show support for the parade with everything going off with lgbtq+ education!!!!

Happy #Pride Brummies ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Soooo sad I can't be there today 😭.It's the first year I've not attended since my first ever

There is always gold at the end of the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈😍😍😍◾◾◾DM/Tag @lgbtqgh in your pictures or videos for a

Bubble tea matches my outfit! Grabbed some tea from @bubbleology Everything was all yellow yesterday 🍋💕 I think I overloaded with the tapioca

Il Coro Radix Harmonica si esibisce durante la cerimonia del "Premio Abbraccio Agedo Roma 2019" del 18 maggio 2019.Dirige il Maestro Giuseppe Pecce


There is only one difference between you and him. The difference of peace, he is like that deep blue ocean which is breath-taking. I love the way how

Las lanzas or The surrender of Breda (1634-1635) painted by Diego Velázquez with Justine Van Nassau giving a love letter to Ambrosio de Spinola.

Àquela que aprendi a admirar e querer sempre por perto. Minha querida amiga @sa.klein te adoro e estou super feliz por estarmos chegando lá juntos.


My friends hate this picture and I look weird but I love these guys so much ❤️

Am @having a blast creating these salutes to the amazing women who have been a part of pop culture and my life. Some are still works in progress.

Había aprendido a luchar contra su cuerpo y un día decidió escucharlo, entonces se dio cuenta de que cuando empieza la escucha, la guerra se acaba

🇦🇪🎶 "Världen den har blivit stum / Dimman kommer sakta, allting snurrar runt / Vänner frågar hur jag mår / Vad jag tagit, om även om