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SPIRITUALLY STRONG & EARTHLY GOOD 💪🏽 #GetYouaChurchThatCanDoBoth #BALANCE🙏🏾🙌🏻💜 bal·anceNOUN1. An even distribution of weight


I'll take my hot potato money from my airbnb! Who else is interested in learning how to get into the air bnb air space? Let me know!

Mommy and baby had one last ultrasound at 32 weeks and everything was okay. My placenta was low, (placenta previa), but it has moved up, so I won't


When you need your coffee to be warm before and after your workout, grab a @yeti Rambler. It’ll keep your drink hot (or cold) down to the last sip.

Want to know if you’re financially literate or not?.There is a simple way to find out. Are you holding a bunch of money in the bank?.If yes,

So here we...!!!All you need is a good husband who is more of a wanderer than you 🤣 kick off ur ride with an amazing snap #snap #story

Looking for some warm sandy beaches? Where would you rather soak up some rays? Weigh-in with a corresponding "like:"👍🏻 for The Bahamas♥️

#Day7 30 day 25 push up challenge I’m back at it l! Aye @iamparlae count me in my dawg I’m there let’s work this shit all da way out then.


Needed a little extra motivation this afternoon ☕️ Just a little reminder that some things might be a slow process but giving up never speeds it

Here we see a taco 🌮 in the wild!! 🦍•••••Mods on the Taco so far:🔥🔥••Tires; 315/70R17 inch General Grabber X3•

Get out and do something..A year from now you will wish you started ,so watch me 😁..Have you ordered your tea link in Bio ☝️👆☝️🖕...

A atriz e influenciadora Kéfera vai ser estrela de um dos mais novos projetos da Netflix. O anúncio foi feito hoje durante a Rio Creative Conference

PURE ART 🎨 @raw.jarrett ❄️☃️If you were there for any piece of this Project making it come together through any form of motivation I wanna

THIS. IS. IT. The season finale of American Ninja Warrior Junior is THIS Saturday. Don’t forget to tune in at 6 central time. You don’t want to


It does not matter how slowly you go..... As long as you do not simple as that!!🔥😋🤫😎P.c @busaboy__raahul ..crazy click bro

Just Listed !!! ML # A10662029 Amazing 4/2 with a 1/1 in-laws quarter in Westchester close to “A” schools,shopping and highways,no association,new

Rozjezd před soustředěním, a teď do toho můžeme pořádně šlápnout pěkně v teplíčku... 🚧💕😈... #stepbystep .... #finally ...

Real is God. Real is you. Real is giving yourself the honest truth and appreciating yourself. Real is what makes you different from everyone. Real is

As we all know the #Patriots are still looking for help at the Wide Receiver position heading into the draft. Rumors are the #Eagles are shopping WR

Les papilles au coeur du 🐷 retrouvez chez Du Beau Du Bon cet excellent chorizo fort de la maison Mayte - from Pays Basque 👩🏼‍🌾le goût


Grilled chicken tenders w/ creamy chipotle sauce🤤🤤 a must try ready to make a change in your life? Send us DM!! Let’s get you started check

Production floor meeting for an exclusive baby blanket we are developing for a dream store. What dream store could it be!!?? Guess and I’ll DM you

Raise your hand if you dread packing for a family vacation.🖐 Ok, lets be honest, we are all over-packers here! 😆 I’m so excited about these

I want all my ppl who like to travel and turn up in different countries to come with me to Costa Rica Aug 15th-19th ALL INCLUSIVE with a $20 booking


Here’s a solid superset from the new program I wrote up to kick off my cutting season. Supine dumbbell rows to spider dumbbell curls! It’s a

This video is celebrating squatting actual weight again! 🤗 I also decided I’m just going to get my lower body as big as my body will let me. When

3nd session of the week shoulder on that exercise there I was focusing on rear delt! First exercise had to go heavy rear delt are really hard to feel

Don’t say, “I want to lose weight!” Instead say, “I need to lose weight!” AND THEN LOSE IT! What you eat is directly connected to how you


Can your child handle messy hands? Can they handle sudden loud noises? If they get upset with items in their environment or feel overwhelmed easily,

🌞 sunsheeeeine has been great last couple of days 🌞 hope everyone in the uk is making the most of this weather! ...Offering an exciting new

- Don’t be out here so bitter that you can’t see your own blessings.... Or to anxious living life, worried about the critics that ain’t “never

"Atrévete a volar por encima de la dificultad, atrévete a ver más allá de lo que tus ojos no ven" 💙🍃🌨️⛰️ #cerrodelcubilete