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Posted @withregram@jimmie3p Arm dayzz + leg dayzz put you in a daze! Holla at me for the leg workout of your life! Dual muscle workouts provided


Hey you! We know it’s hard, we know you hate it, we know you don’t like eating “healthy” foods. But, we know you have goals, and we know how

#BHM! Day 20... On my way to see the monumental story of my Black Queen... TINA TURNER!!! YESTH GAWD!!! #BlackHistoryMonth #TinaTurner

🗣🗣If you’ve tried all the creams in your local Sephora store and nothing seems to work, then exercise may be your skin’s path to the

So currently this is the only way I can comfortably squat. My left knee still hurt and need to see a doc for sure. Never had an injury this long

*NATIONAL LOVE YOUR PET DAY*Danas je dan naših ljubimaca! 🐶 🐱Volite li više mačke ili pse? Ili neke druge životinjice? 🤗 #cedralex 

I’m gonna call these my “party pants” because they seriously make me so happy ❤️ they made leg day 100x better! I’ll be posting my

¿Sabias que el Velashape también alivia dolores musculares? 😁 • El equipo cuenta con cabezales ergonómicos, con un sensor integrado que


Mogę nie skromnie powiedzieć że jest to czarująca fotografia❤️❤️❤️ @joannakogutfotografia Mua: Anna GrabyczRogi: Anna Klonowska

This evening we feature the amazing @syl_gank . This beautiful lady from Poland is extremely attractive. She has a wonderful profile with fabulous



The reality of 26.2 litres removed. My thighs look like they’ve melted 😆😫 this is why I need cosmetic work 😩my legs where so big before!

RDL DROPSET⚜️take notes📝🍑 🔴 Full range ⚪️ Half motion 🔵Full range burn out A highlight to this is the last set. The number she

#thursdaythoughts I actually like training legs 🤭Today’s session went like....... Back Squat 4x2 PB Front Squat 4x2 PB Romanian 💀 4x8 PB

Hammies & Glutes today 💪- starting with incline walk, thank some preactivation - glute kick backs, low weights high reps on abductor. - starting

First of all I just wanna state I think I can see my traps through this t-shirt so basically my life is made. #doesthismeanimbuffnow


#tbt: three weeks ago I had my skin removal surgery. I’m still swollen and I still need an afternoon nap, but I’m grateful that my recovery has

🦍...........🗣 Being average don’t run in my Blood 🩸 :::: — ⛽️: @1upnutrition- Ape2.0 discount code 20% off:::

TBT Paparazzeo 📸🛏Lo primero que hago al llegar al lugar de vacaciones es echarme en la cama 😁😴Swipe Right for Zoom


C L I M B You are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s; yours is a wildly different journey up

Can you see the 🌊? 😍