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Judyth Baker Character Assassination: The second Death will be speaking at the JFK Historical event - @JudythVaryBaker'sBookTour ... #TrineDay #JFK

Learn more about the riddle of Antonio Veciana, a Cuban exile who founded the murderous #Alpha66 anti-Castro terrorist group, was manipulated by both

When you shake the 🌳 too hard, the 🥜 fall off. 🙄😑 I know @cmactosh you told me so. #leeharveyoswald Back my Mom’s Mom’s Moms Moms etc

The ultimate chameleonic actor, Gary Oldman has played roles as diverse as Sid Vicious, Count Dracula, Lee Harvey Oswald and Beethoven leading to his

Part 5: AbstractSince the earliest days of biological product manufacture, there have been a number of instances where laboratory studies provided

When a patient does not recover after a treated episode of glomerulonephritis it is always assumed that the treatment simply didn’t’ work, but is

Burying the lead - @MalHyman Released today, March 20th. This book explains the rapid decline in confidence in government that started after the

Part 3: [39] Another type of polyomavirus, called BK polyoma virus, is associated with failed renal transplants and malignancies in renal transplant

Christopher Fulton, @_theinheritance Author. At age 33, he was arrested. He spent years in federal prison for his possession of material evidence in

Part 2: It is now an accepted fact that vaccines have been a vehicle for polyoma (poly meaning multiple and oma meaning tumor, as these viruses are

Part 1: Hazardous Components in Pneumonia and Influenza VaccinesThe effects of the various toxic components in vaccines, such as formaldehyde and

I’ll be playing accordion in “Me & Lee - The Musical” this weekend and next. Written by & starring @jasontrachtenburg of The Pendulum Swings &

Why was Christopher Fulton--who was compelled under subpoena by the Justice Department to testify regarding his evidence from President Kennedy's

The agreements I had signed for their protection didn’t matter. My family bore the strains of cruelty and died from the poison by proximity. I had

John Barbour @barboursworld author of a new book, Your Mothers Not A Virgin: The Bumpy Life and Times of the Canadian Dropout who changed the Face of

John Anthony Morris, MD, Former Bacteriologist, Division of Biologics Standards, and Research Virologist, FDA, and prior to that he was a virologist

"We determined that the procedure used by this manufacturer to inactivate SV40 in oral poliovirus vaccine seed stocks based on heat inactivation in

This is the first study to show that the SV40 T/t-antigen viral oncoproteins can cause an intrinsic gene expression profile that recapitulates the

Conclusion: These results establish that SV40 is associated significantly with brain tumors, bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and non-Hodgkin’s

Comic book collage on wood portrait of assassinator Lee Harvey Oswald. Visit the 'Latest' section of my website for more (link in bio)..Picture:

We went into downtown Dallas to see the JFK assassination museum, but couldn’t get tickets. As we were headed out we were approached by Arthur, a

Many millions more people than previously thought might have been given polio vaccine contaminated with a monkey virus linked to cancer.It has been

SOURCE: Historical Vaccine Safety Concerns Concerns | Vaccine Safety | - Simian Virus 40 (SV40) - 1955–1963From 1955 to 1963, an estimated

John Barbour author of a new book Your Mothers not a virgin will be speaking at the JFK Historical event - Use Specific graphic - Tag in the author

The LA Book Fair - April 13th & 14th Come to Booth 955 and meet the Authors from Trine Day Publishers, get your books signed and see what we have to

From an Office Building with a High-Powered Rifle: This is the journey former FBI agent Don Adams has taken over the past 50 years that has connected

Part 6: Stanley Plotkin's Deposition from January 2019 where he takes shots at Edward Hooper's credibility as a British Journalist and denies the

But that same afternoon, the presence of SV-40 (a potentially tumorigenic virus) was confirmed in both live and killed polio vaccines by Sweet and

PART 4: VACCINES/VANCER/AIDS/RETROVIRUS LINK 👉🏽"Almost every statement that Koprowski has made about his African polio vaccine research in

Part 3: On several occasions, critics have claimed that the theory has been refuted. The Wistar Committee in 1992 said the death of a British sailor

Part 2: VACCINES/CANCER/AIDS/RETROVIRUS LINK 👉🏽Describing his trial at a scientific meeting the next year, Dr. Koprowski met with astonished

Part 1: VACCINES/CANCER/AIDS/RETROVIRUS LINK 👉🏽One theory of the origin of AIDS is that it developed from contaminated vaccines used in the

Comic book collage on wood portrait of former US President JFK. Visit the 'Latest' section of my website for more (link in bio)..Picture: Versus (

Dietrich stepped back out of the blood that pooled under Mark’s chair and watched, everybody watched. Mark stood up, blood streaming down his greasy

ALL OF EM! But if I could choose it would be Dr. Andrew Wakefield himself! So primary choice is 1️⃣Dr. Suzanne Humphries, 2️⃣Dr. Gary Null, 3

On March 14, 1964, a jury finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK's assumed assassin. The Librarian's Almanac has a book for that,

Un día como hoy un 14 de marzo de pero de 1964 Jack Ruby es declarado culpable del asesinato de Lee Harvey Oswald el mismo asesino del presidente

March 14, 1964 #OTD A jury in Dallas finds Jack Ruby guilty of killing Lee Harvey Oswald, the assumed assassin of President John F. Kennedy.

ON THIS DAY… RUBY FOUND GUILTY OF KILLING OSWALDIt was on this day, 14th March, back in 1964 when Jack Ruby was found guilty of murdering Lee

Un día como hoy 14 Marzo pero de 1964 Jack Ruby es declarado culpable del asesinato de Lee Harvey Oswald, el presunto asesino del presidente John

14 de marzo de 1964. #HoyEnLaHistoria, Jack Ruby es declarado culpable del asesinato de Lee Harvey Oswald, el asesino de JFK. Ruby, a la derecha de la

March 14, 1964. 55 years ago. Jack Ruby is sentenced to death on LIVE television for the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, the assassin of President #conspiracytheories