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~ Frankie is settling in & feeling more comfortable. Enough to even play with a new toy from his feline sponsor sister LuLu when toys used to scare

Our lovely rescue poodle, just completed a 10k for a dog charity 💪. Such a transformation, 3 years later ❤💚💙 #rescuedog #rescuedogs

All you have to do is stand and wait in silence and theses amazing girls will come towards you when the moment is right for them. #LearningToTrust

All you need to do is stand and wait for them in silence and these amazing girls will come towards you. #learningToTrust


Who here has been told to document everything? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve heard it so many times, to be used as a tool as an important component to a


My amazing fiance has asked me for a list of the things I'd like done at the spa. It's my birthday and Mother's day gift. I've probably had this

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Martes para Confiar • Nuestro Dios es experto abriendo caminos. ¿Por qué dudaría? Si lo he visto haciendo milagros antes, ¡Él lo hará de

Trusting Tuesday • He is a way maker. Why would I doubt? If I have seen him working miracles before, He will do it again! And I believe it and I’m

Me and this sweet girl are graying together 🤦🏻‍♀️😩🥰 she is finally learning to trust, love and give kisses 🙌🏼 #rescuedog

Who will you trust today? The fears, worries and doubts the enemy tries to feed us, or the God who holds the universe in His hands? ⁣⁣⁣David

I’ve recently had a jump in followers, so I thought this was a good time to reintroduce myself!My name is Emily. I’m a wife and mother of two

I did SO well outside on our night walk, mom let me go upstairs. Downfall, the cat didn't want me upstairs. So I settled for the middle step


Society, history, traditions, generations and media have influenced what we think we should want and what we should need. It makes us very confused

We all have our own bullshit!My bullshit for today is my limiting belief that if I don’t show up to every single thing for my children, I’m a

He’s used to risking his neck. He never intended to risk his heart. #Witchbane by #MorganBrice #DarkwindPressNarrator: #KaleWilliams #UrbanFantasy

I’m fairly eloquent when it comes to heart ache and loss. It’s like my brain is programmed to expect it and so it’s easier to explain and

I like the car rides I take with maw! Today we went to her work to visit with a LOT of people who were so happy to see me! I was a little nervous,

Throwback to 2 weeks ago when my family did some hiking at the Manoa Falls Trail. What an amazing day we had, climbing to that waterfall in Hawaii.


I can’t help but laugh sometimes at the simplicity that life can be and how complicated we tend to make it. I am always giving gratitude to my

When the unexpected happens. You enjoy a little crawfish and gumbo for lunch. If you are seeking balance in any area of your life visit link in Bio

3 years ago today was a dark day. At this time I was in the hospital needing help with my 5th miscarriage. I didn’t believe I would be able to be

Thank you, thank you, thank you! To every person who is rooting for me, it doesn’t go unnoticed.I started this page almost a year ago and didn’t

Davana and the littles… Interacting with the minis is what is vital to their care. Socializing with them so they can learn to trust. When you come

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Tomorrow l, May 7th, is #NationalFosterCareDay and we are jumping on board. As we continue the process to become a licensed foster home, we will join

New post: 🌿 Trust “As a society, we feel the injustices around us even when we don't acknowledge them. Whether they be for or against us, this


🎨 ι Ⴆɾαʋҽ ƚԋҽɱ αʅʅdon't belittle my lifeby acting like you knew anything about its value.don't belittle my thoughtsby claiming

#AskAllison Q I'm in a long-term relationship, but every now and then I get to impulse to text other women. Mostly, this is just flirty messaging,

9 years later and I’m still recovering some days. I wonder, do you ever truly heal 100 percent? #ptsd #ptsdawareness #recovery #healing

Which would you rather?Take a walk in 🌿nature or lay out on the ☀️beach?I’m a take a walk through nature girl all day!

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Our overly handsome tuxie, Zaphod is still so careful and unsure if he can trust the world around him... but he sure does love giving purrs to his

We are a society that constantly compares. Whether it be through the highlight reel of social media, comparing ourselves to people we may not even

5 Star LandingSometimes things simply fall into place just because we let them.Learning to trust more is something I continue learning everyday.We

When you look in the mirror, who do you see? Is it the woman you’re ashamed to be or is it the woman you’re proud you’ve become? Do you see your

💚💚💚💚💚Did you know that May is mental health awareness month?Guess it was fitting that I kicked the first day of the month off with an

What can I say? I’m a hugger. But actually only with about 5 people. I’d like for that to be more! I’m still learning to trust new people. It

Isn’t it amazing what four days of love in foster care can do? We love our Hallie Coon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.. #hissykitten

That's the God I serve..God isn't your exGod isn't your mumGod isnt your dadGod isn't your crazy cousinGod isn't that friend that betrayed you


Go ahead and do you ✌🏻

True friends aren’t the ones who make your problems disappear. They are the ones who won’t disappear when you’re facing your problems

I was almost 8-months old when I came to live with mum and my sisters. They noticed very quickly that I am quite fearful of people and new things.

Did you know that gratitude:•shields you from negativity•makes you at least 25% happier•rewires your brain•eliminates stress•heals•

This week we we began to tighten up our set and made plans to meet with our producer Evan Graham Dunn to discuss future recording. Sign up for our

.......“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.” ~ Martin Luther

When it all gets serious and you get afraid, you have to go out of your mind and realize it’s a test of faith as you are one with the Divine.Trust