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In 2️⃣3️⃣ days I’ll be taking a little trip back to California!Celebrating with @coffeeovercardio!Get yourself some Birthday Cake coffee

If you have watched my stories you already know that Nithin totally surprised me with a trip for my birthday to Vegas. Three days before the weekend

“Millennial grace” or so I’m told - and @tantek even has a halo. Also, very tasty shrimp and grits. #latergram

The cherry blossoms bloomed in February in Savannah and I was so inspired by all of the petals that I had to incorporate them into my work. It's good

Love a good fusion dish- bringing together the best of each culture. So when the best frites in Holland @vlaamsfriethuisvleminckx signature sauce is

some stomach work done by @inkbreather. they have time to tattoo you coming up. email / dm them about setting up an appointment

The last few beach trips (one bag is still missing 🤔) Lots of plastics. Maybe even more than glass 🤷‍♀️

Post-Paris Pop Up tired-eye #throwback. Stoked to hang with this crew this weekend in Belgium!Not pictured photographer 📸: @mauritzborg


So I can kiss you, anytime I want...💋 ...even when you can’t turn your face cause we crawled into a tiny igloo😂 #latergram

To my ultimate travel companion, who can plan the meanest of trips without as much as breaking a sweat, a very happy birthday! May you check off more

Latergram... Cafe Degas,Sunday night. 🙌🏼 Escargot,French onion soup,goat cheese and beet salad,lamb ribs. #latergram #neworleans #nola

A peek at some of my meal prep and meals this week {minus the buffalo chicken I later added go my salad}! ••I shared in our group this week

Shadows, shadows everywhere


Grayson was unsettled when we moved Oliver last night. Not as unsettled as Oliver was but he needed some cuddles to relax after.

"I feel as if I opened a book and found roses of yesterday, sweet and fragrant, between its leaves" (L.M.Montgomery) -- (Photo also known as "La vue

Prayer niche from Beyhekim Mosque in Turkey displayed in the department of islamic art in Pergamon Museum of Berlin.Jan 2019. #throwback #latergram

#Latergram Who says you can't have your beer and eat it to!! 🤗 I took @mondaynight 9% Imperial Milk Stout, Fistful of Cake, and baked two different


I forget how to love myself at times, but I keep trying, I keep trying; and that alone is a victory. ❤️ I'm just going to say I was loving my eye

NO ice ice baby too cold 🍦 - it is still lent! What are you fasting?.NO ice ice baby too cold 🍦- es ist noch Fastenzeit. Was fastet ihr?.

Latergram d'un p'tit déj chill à la Beaucaire. Le printemps est là et les vacances arrivent à grand pas ! 🌞🌴 Ça va être l'occasion de

Senhor te pedimos por todas as famílias, para que animadas pelo espírito da fé, possamos ser uma comunidade cheia de paz é amor. Rezemos...🙏

Quando for em uma festa, certifique-se em que tipo de festa vc está indo... Melhor dupla da festa ! 😍😍😍 #sobrinha #sobrinhalinda