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Notes from this week:💛1. You are so enough. It's actually amazing how enough you are. Even when you stutter, say the wrong things, or find


utopia beach


🔝Doin it & doin it & doin it wellPushups for Tough Mudder! This was a training vid from a couple weeks back. Atm, I have sesamoiditis- tendonitis

🎵 You got light in your eyes
And you're standing here beside me
I love the passing of time
Never for money, always for love 🎵

mine mine mine 😍


I always end up looking at flights and hotels over long weekends. Might be time to scratch that Epcot itch again.... #latergram #epcot #wdw

Took the last few days off because it felt like my body gave me a big 🖕. My energy is almost back. I would have much rather stayed in bed when the

Ser feliz nao é ter uma vida perfeita, mas sim reconhecer que vale a pena viver apesar de todos os desafios e perdas. #photooftheday📷


Some of my absolute favorite people all together for the first time in y e a r s. #latergram

What would Beyoncé do? 😏

Credi in te stesso, prenditi cura dei tuoi sogni, lavora per i tuoi obiettivi, ama la persona che sei...Buon compleanno a me❤️🎉🎂😌


Wishing I was back on the beach. At least it's Memorial Day weekend - the official start to summer! What are doing for the holiday? @tmbtravis

This Deserves a Double Take //I Love + Appreciate this house for allowing me to step forward and showcase my chops. This House Build was on another

Enjoying one of our favorite bagel stops! @dibagels coming through with an egg & cheese on pretzel jalapeño and a strawberry cream cheese on plain.

Jeitinho reservado, talvez até meio gelado. Quem vê já cria um rótulo, mas quem conhece sabe que nada sobre ela é facilmente decifrado. ❄🌼


Took the Fate Bell Shelter Tour at @seminolecanyonstatepark yesterday. Despite it being humid AF, it was a nice, short hike into the canyon, and

When you gotta turn that saturation up to look less ghostly. For reference, that rosé was practically clear.📸 @jesskitchiner sneaking the snap

Mmm made the #itdoesnttastelikechicken vegan carbonara the other night - with smoky mushrooms instead of roasted red peppers - so good 😋

A minor throwback because your face is too adorable to not share it. ✨

"Tap your foot and listen inIgnore the world, let the music cave in. Close tour phone and breathe in the air You'll soon realize that there's