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Outdoor knits! 🙌🏼•This weekend was the first time this spring that we could actually sit outside without getting eaten alive by mosquitos

Ronjas b-day is around the corner! I am looooving the unicorn sweater!! When asked what she wants for her birthday, her answer has been: “watch,

Today is the last day to get 30% off my Cadwyn Bloomers pattern..You don't need a code, it's automatic at the checkout. The links are in my bio..


One of the lovely things about knitting is being able to create gifts for friends and family. And it doesn’t have to be something fancy or

Whilst I haven’t finished my last project, I’m itching to get started on this one from @letsknitmag I need tor remind myself of my knitting skills

More knitted favours available in school colours! Special teacher, knitted apples and apple charms just £1 each filled with a chocolate Lindt ball -

Åh babystrik 😍 det går jo SÅ hurtigt at strikke noget i str 3 mdr, ift at strikke til eget afkom. Den fine lille Haralds trøje (mønster fra

As I mentioned my husband and I had our 2nd wedding anniversary, "Cotton Wedding" ❤ and of course I had a cotton gift for him; Anker's Sweater - My


Knitted this beautiful custom cloth for a customer in Texas! Was excited to do so! The symbol is the Ankh, which means life! Check the link in my bio

🧶 Time to cast on something new! 🧶 345 stitches as it is knitted sideways 😳 Swipe right to see the Astrid scarf. This will be a Christmas

Hope it works - sick of the #rain #Repost @fluffystuffuk• • • • • •Trying to will the hot, sunny weather back with a knitted cactus!

Давно меня не было, но на это есть свои обстоятельства 😉😉😉. И теперь приходится налаживать новый график. Хотелось бы вам предложить угадать кто получится? Есть у меня в друзьях, те кто точно это знают, но может появятся и интересные версии??? #вязаниемоехобби #вяжемкрючком #вяжу #вяжунемогуостановиться #вяжутнетолькобабушки #вязаниеминск #вязаниеназаказ #вязаниекрючком #вязаниедетям #вязанныймир #вязаниеслюбовью #любимоехобби #игрушкидлядетей #игрушкиручнойработы #игрушкиминск #игрушкикрючком #игрушкиамигуруми #crochet #crochettoy #crocheting #kitten #knittedgifts #knittedtoys #knitfokids #creative #amigurumiminsk #компашка_crystal14 #вотиптлетняя #летняяпятница19

End of the school year teacher gift! 🎁Hugs For Your Apple🤗🍎! 100 % Cotton. Machine Wash & Dry. Keeps your apples fresher and less bruised

Mary Ann I think for you the third time was a charm! These cute little sweaters are being gifted to Three very lucky babies


This is my first sweater ever! I’m really pleased with how it turned out. It’s 3-6months (I hope!) and is a gift for a dear friend. I adore the

My Baby Yoda hat! My first hat - okay, my third attempt at my first hat. It’s bigger than I anticipated but I guess that just means the recipient

New range of teacher gifts! 🍏Small hand knitted apple favours filled with a chocolate Lindt ball, £1 each plus P&P where applicable 🍏 I have a


Forgot to share this much begged for 🌈 sausage dog that I made for my rainbow obsessed boy . After months of asking me to create a rainbow dog,

Ein neues WBF 🥐 (Werk beim Frühstück)... Aus gegebenem Anlass stricke ich Babyjäckchen von Drops aus Drops Babymerino mit dem bezeichnendem

Meet this Samantha! My first author's work. Created without any descriptions and schemes. It was created for a long time. But as for me, it's beauty

This week is all about knitted chocolate favours 🌹we’re restocking our roses and hearts, while trialling some new end of term themed ones! If you

The downwards view for my evening stroll. So grateful for the handmade gifts we've received over the years for my kids. The cardigan is a hand me down

We received this hand-knitted cardigan from a lady who my hubby helped through his work...isn't it wonderful? So very kind of her, what a heartfelt

Wherever I go my knitting always comes too! Working on the last section of my first cardigan, I'm so excited to start wearing this! #ormshawcrafts


ЯРНБОМБИНГ! Что бомбим? 💣 🙉🙈💥⠀Итак, в предыдущем посте #spitsapodarki

My mom’s birthday socks are done and blocked – with 2 1/2 weeks to spare! 🧦 🧦The pattern is Diamonds in the Fluff by @chewyknits. I used

A few minutes of my market bag this afternoon. 💞 Wondering if I should listen to my summer reads so I can do both... Started All the Light We

Decorative Knitted Cast On’s.The construction of Northern, Scandinavian and Baltic knitted folk mittens, gloves and socks has always been hugely

Yes! Found a reason to make another Embla jumper ❤️ Love this pattern! |||| Hurra! Fant en anledning til å strikke enda en Emblagenser ❤️

Happy World knitting day! Knitting in my balcony as out is soo hot 💃🌞Dünya örgünümüz günü kutlu olsun 💕💕💕

I love sewing these little wooden tags onto my knitted/crochet projects I bought them from a seller on @etsy they finish of items perfectly and allow

So! I made a beautiful pineapple baby bag and hat for one of my very good friends from work whose wife is having a baby (due Sunday!). His wife is


Pretty new washcloths. I’ll be gifting these soon. I used the lovely Berroco Pima 100 Cotton in colors of my favorite summer 🌺...Cosmos, Day Lily

This beautiful Sideway Stripes Afghan is being GIFTED! Who wants to get on Flo’s list for knitted gifts?? I know I do! The palette was curated to

Nothing like some bright pink to sort me out on a rainy, dreary Friday morning. To make it worse I’ve had to turn all electrics off in the house so

Once I finished my #weekendersweater , a dear friend of mine asked if she could have one of her own. And since I love giving handmade gifts (even

Home from a fantastic holiday, just 2 months until the next one!! Now time to get back to the wool and needles!! .... #autumnelizabethdesigns

|| HANDTAK ||På mirakuløsvis landede disse vanter på selve dagen hos en fødselar, der nok ikke har brug for dem lige forløbig 🤞