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Fortunately it’s not too crowded in here... I still feel so awkward taking “candid” shots 😜 #newyorkpubliclibrary📚 #kindacandid

i think spring weather is officially here. 🤗💐

overjoyed to be on break... and to have coffee. 👌☕

"I breath in smell the fresh morning air. I open my eyes and watch as the amber color light rises to greet me this fine day."-anonymous #oldphoto

Me literally laughing at myself for posing for selfies like I’m some kind of Influencer but deciding to post anyway because it came out sorta cute

Wasn't thinking anything but yet it's a good click though..what say?? #selfobsessed #clickgoneright😎 #kindacandid #thatinnocentfacetho😇

Everyday brings a new opportunity and your time will come.You will RISE. 👑Till then keep smiling, spread love and Suit Up!! #suitup #doha

As a little girl, I would get dressed up and pretend to be someone I’m not. With a little imagination and a sparkly dress, I quickly became a

Whoop whoop guess who straighten her hair lol 💇💆💁 #mememe i figured i start a new job this week why not have new hair #brittwhy #unfiltered

Compare Yourself To Who You Were Yesterday♣.............And Not Who Someone Else Is Today🍁🍂🌈.🌟 S T A R B O Y 🌟 . #class #trending

-The truth will set you free. But first, it'll piss you off. #kindacandid ❇️

#tbt to the dedication ceremony of the Kline & Specter Courtroom at University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2012. Tom Kline, Shanin Specter and Dean

Don't give an eff to the people who don't value you... Carve yourself because the others cannot handle your irregularities.. This shirt isnt special

Pongal isn't a Celebration of a single religion ; It is Celebration of a whole race !!!!So put your difference aside and celebrate 🎆Happy Pongal

Some times I scroll thru my camera roll and find a pic that’s 1/2 decent.Then I think “ok, me! I see what ya did there.” 😁 #hitthemangles

Aren’t they cute ? It’s the best feeling to see them smiling. Wish you both a very Happy New Year and may this year bring all the more happiness

This was candid, kinda

Happy new year!! 💥We're so excited for this year to come and the shows we'll be playing in 2019. Thank you everyone for the support and love 🥂

One thing that i Have learned this year is, “Dont take things on nerves” if you really wanna be a happy person? Try to cut down things as much as

I am who I am😎...I am what I am🥰...I do what I do🤷‍♂and I ain’t never gonna do it any different🤷‍♂... #happyme... #instapic...