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Team pool season in full effect today. Sling off feelin really good. Easily the most cardio I’ve done in 6 weeks so I’m basically dying.

New challenge today was given to step up my morning workouts I briefly tried it today and I don’t know how I’m going to do it... wish me luck


Day 3: today sucked. Nobody wanted to talk to me but at least I had headphones. If I couldn't bring headphones to school I would probably have killed


A je to tu zase! Po dvou měsíční pauze! Přijdte hrajeme teď v pátek a je to poslední představení u nás v Boleslavi. Pak zase v příští

...a je tu obdobíčko posledních repríz v sezóně!!Zabíjačka tenhle pátek 24.5. naposledy doma!My to všichni zbožňujeme a divákům se to

Snow?! The week before Memorial Day? Looked out my office window and it looks like ❄️ on the parking ramp deck .. #thewinterthatneverends

The perks of being a brand ambassador... Twelve recaps to complete before I head off on my day! (Then have another recap due, lol) One down, eleven to


Kibummie, que ahora emite una vibra masculina 👌Wahh sonríe con el emoji 😏 #killmenow #Repost 3puppy

The pain is unbearable today , seriously why do doctors/nurses feel the need to poke and prod in places you tell them that it hurts , ffs 😭 #pain

damn, Kat Von D be wildin out here 😳😳😳••••••Bitch please don’t report, If something offends you just leave ok?••


YASSS QUEEN SLAYYYY 👑 fuck this is cringy... 🤡🤡

Laos 🇱🇦- -Could I be an Instagram model? Abso(fucking)lutely not Am I going to pretend to be one for this picture? Urm...please, of course I


Kényszerleállás műtermünkben // Az elektromos hálózat nem bírta a megterhelést 🙄 // 2nap fúrás + 2nap takarítás, teljes hálozat csere

im going to the dentist for a check up. im basically going to be stabbed in the face by psychos with torture equipment #dentist #fuckoff #killmenow

Stressée, moi ?Nan mais au boulot on est dans les travaux, j’ai géré le déménagement en interne, jeudi et vendredi c’était la dernière


Back to work today, after having 11 days off for my birthday Iv eaten rubbish iv been off plan. But back at it again. Working 12 hours today so I'm

Im so happy it’s finally over!! I watched the first season, got pissed but started the second season anyway and was bored out of my mind so I gave

I really look depressed....😣💀 I’m dead rn 💀💀______________________________Idk...Flipping know Kill me now?💀🤠

I knew The ending wasn’t going to be great, but seriously?!?! Bran the broken????!!!! C’mon he said himself he wasn’t Bran anymore!!!!


The moment when u feel your soul leave your body! Tell me you didn't cringe! 💀💥😂😂😂😂😂...Laugh. Share n Tag! .... #aguanta

My stress level is through the fucking roof right now. I have to right three articles, an essay and a huge ass project all for one class by Friday.