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Если вбить в поисковик слово "искусство", то в выдаче будут по большей части шедевры живописи, литературы, фотографии, кино и т.д. А ведь если задуматься, все мы деятели искусства. Продавец, инженер, доктор... Все те, кто относится к своему делу с профессионализмом и ответственносью, делают из этого самое что ни на есть искусство. Искусство вести переговоры, изобретать новое, проводить невообразимые операции. Каждый человек рождён творить, и, по любому, в жизни найдётся дело, которое он делает искусно.Согласны? #искусство #культура #самореализация #саморазвитие #мотивация #всепрофессииважны #justdoit #culture #artwork #artoftheday


The way I see it, if I can grow out a pixie, I can do anything!!! It’s not the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and this is kind of a joke, but it is

De sidste bakkeintervaller inden Rosenhøj trail er nu i bogen 😬 nu håber jeg bare at jeg overlever på lørdag, og at jeg lærer en masse ude p

If you want to change your life then you must change also. Don't believe that someone else is to blame for your life. It's your life act like it

Vintage mike #justdoit phys Ed 23 sweatshirt dm for pricing

Ser Drag é ser militante, é sobre conquistar espaços e quebrar barreiras, é poder mostrar que a arte pode comover e dar close ao mesmo tempo!!

In a blink of an eye God can catapult you into the direction you’ve been seeking, the path you’ve been paving and the journey you’ve been


Back on court and pleasant conditions for a light practice session. Slightly out of shape, timing a little off and too casual, this is what going on

Finally!!! Have not really been able to workout since friday...UGH!!But sure as shit got it in today...4 sets of all...400 swings with rope and 700

Drill 🛠 Many people wondered if this drill that I showed yesterday with a 6 iron could be done with woods. So I did it today to show you guys how

Jeg skal starte opp nabotrening i Oppegård, og det krever innsats for å spre det glade 🤸‍♀️💪✨ budskap. I kveld gikk jeg dør til dør

How To Demand Hire FeesIt's no secret, there is a select few who take the lions share in each market.The question is, are you fighting for the

Tonight's classes are 630pm Zumba with Felix (subbing)730pm Zumba with Sonia As always walk-ins are welcomed 613 Waterman Ave East Prov RI


“where did the summer go?” 😫 ———————————-—————————————-..... #goodmorning #neworleans

They Be Quick To Fuck You Up, But You Can’t Let Them Fuck You Up,-All I Want Is Money Hommie And We Gon Be Popular #Marlians #MarliansOnly

Finish what you start, and love and live every second to the max. I like what I do when I do what I do!! Just DO it!! #bootybuilding #core #legs

My hope is to inspire someone to take an action today. To be honest, every day is not my best. I’m still navigating parenthood, learning to

Yesterday was a perfect day for a run. I love to do so on Mondays cause it clears my head after the first day of work. Tomorrow will do an extra

You don't have to see the whole staircase to take the first step. ~Martin Luther King, JrThat's what I keep telling myself. Just take the first

Numbers a little off but you get the point. Not only us but our peers in the same industry deal with the same comments. Keep that same energy or get

Love a bit of WW1 history but this pavement in Lens France,,, how can you not feel like dancing,, so yes I did 😂😂 #visitfrance #livingmydreames


Somethings don't always go your way. Our tribunal today didn't.🙄 But, that's ok. It's a learning curve & we have 3mths to prepare and try again. I

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Warm Congratulations to my clients who got their dream condo at Kihei Villages. It had everything they wanted and more! The Ohana Team and I wish you

Quality Control’

The struggle is real, looking forward to making more and better videos! Down to 165lbs was 174 thanks to my partner in crime Syd and thank you Kim for

'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' 💙Photo credit - Luca P 💕.... #lifequotes


Yesterday was one of the hardest days in training..... ever lol something that comes fairly natural to me... like flipping this tire.... wasn’t

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.“ - Martin Luther King, Jr. I love this quote

Join us on a wellness journey! Welcome to ForestLeaf!

Don’t wait. Call the person you’ve been meaning to ask out on a date today, buy the dress you’ve wanted in the size that actually fits you,

Be careful what you wish for...There is much more fear and challenge involved in living your dreams than there is in the process of making them

It is often the case that people find signs of faith whenever they need them the most and interpret things through their own prism of wishes. Does