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It reminds me a bit of the safety instructions on an airplane. Put your oxygen mask on first before putting one on a child. Understandably, if you

💪Not the best form but improving is what the gym is all about. 🏋️‍♂️.🔥Had a great gym session today. 1 hour of weights and 20

There is only one way to get anybody to do anythingAnd that is by making the other person WANT TO do itDALE CARNEGIE #morning #legday #workout

There’s Spaghetti under there somewhere!!! Plant Based Juan Going Strong with my Renaissance Faire Fuel 🤘🏽 #pbj #plantstrong #plantbased


We tend to underestimate the power of true belief. Belief can create a starting point at any time in your life. You can lose belief and then discover


Obrigada Rio! ♥We took an express road trip and went to most of the highlights of the city, we had such a great time, I'm impressed on how warm

Well...this is a rare moment 🤣


Did you know that MS OneNote makes a perfect diary / journal? Here’s a free Template to get you started. Please share. #diary, #journal, #journey,

.❗EXCLUSIVIDADE INDYCAR IMPORT❗🚘 Land rover Discovery Sport➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖✅ 4 modos de condução através do sistema:


#tranformationtuesday Mentality, aesthetics, confidence all changed within these pictures. The best choice I ever made years ago was falling in love


Looking for a job? LookJobs is changing the way you apply... Be the first to look, link in bio. Coming soon!••••• #lookjobsapp

🌞 Sunny VS Cloudy ☁️ Personally, not a fan of a cloudy day but did enjoy both of the weather in this city 😊

The harder you #work for something, the greater you'll feel when you #achieve it. And you become more joyous when you shared and #inspired others with

The historic front entrance to what is now the Patch of Heaven Sanctuary. Originally the Redland Estate home of the pioneer Matheson family, the front

Drop a “ 🙏🏽 “ if you wish for everyone’s boat to sail.⛵️🌏Giving the rising in our online lives today It’s never been so easy to


A #latergram, but thank you @jenn_bates_ for the BrightBox; I am loving this necklace & it's message. Much needed on days like today ☉ #celebrate

Setiap ikut kegiatan kerelawanan pada saat proses rekrutmen biasanya ada pertanyaan "apa makna bahagia menurut kamu". Ini hanya salah satu definisi



I finished my most recent sketchbook on 6/2, and I’m already deep into the next one!!! Here’s a load of images full of intensely personal shit

It’s Transformation Tuesday and here is my Teetah @lua_tuiasosopo Who has lost 60+ #’s I’m so proud of her‼️ She really wanted a change for

Am i those Weird (Yogi called :Spiritual)Chick who bath the stones under the moonlight and meditate in the time of full moon 🌕???The Answer is

Good morning 💞🐦🌻 Every journey require a prudent preparation. And a cost of information inaccuracies might lead to certain consequences.

You are light. It’s time to clean out our closets and identify what stays and what goes with your light.

Ultimately, it is not the placethat is important; is whatyou feel that is lasting tovisit a place is minor; tochange within yourself is greater.


What is transformation??. #Transformation is defined as a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that