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📽"This was never about winning. it is just about surviving."📸 From #personofinterest S3Ep23 "Deus Ex Machina" Finch and Reese parted with new

~ PRÉSENTATION ~ACTEURS / RÔLE #PERSONOFINTEREST ~ John Reese alias Jim Caviezel ~John Reese est un homme solitaire dont le sens de l'humour sec

[3.06]-Favorite movie of Sarah’s?

July 10/11, 2013 #POINoir photos taken by @widgetfactoryco1. Reese somewhere on a rooftop watching over us2. Central Park never looked so sexy3. I

[shoot au]-Favorite movie of Amy’s?

"I like playing characters that are redeemable – I see John Reese (Person Of Interest) as a sinner trying to find his way back.” -Jim Caviezel

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom + Shows/Characters.Track 1: The Prologue.☆ Person of Interest.☆Episodes included (in order): 5x13, 5x11, 5x02, 5x11,

Sorry peeps I've been busy taking care of my annoying ass niece and nephews 😣😣I bet John was attracted to joss 😉😉 #careese #johnandjoss

"We as Christians have the key to true purpose and freedom and we need to show the world how they too can have life everlasting."~Jim Caviezel ....

Remember to swipe!Multifandom challenge: 5 Quotes.Quote #3: Shaw agrees to talk about her feelings for Root on the simulation.☆ Person of

[4.18]-Favorite show of Michael’s?

“The light is much brighter in the darkest of places. In those darkest of places, I want to be the center of it.”~Jim Caviezel...Have a blessed

[sarah x photoshoot ]-Favorite show of Sarah’s?

Hi, it's me again.I had hella lot of tests this week._Multifandom challenge: 5 VillainsVillain #3: Samaritan (Yes I know this is Gabriel but like

Want to know what we do and how we got here? Then check out this cool interview @Forbes did with our fearless leader @JohnLReese! Read it now at http

[5.06]-Favorite show of Amy’s?

Buon Pi Greco Day!In quanto amante della matematica, ci tenevo a fare un post al riguardo.Già pensavo di inserire il video - mi dispiace che la