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President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on this road near Dealey Plaza in Dallas TX in 1963.  It was a very sobering experience to visit this site

Taking a moment at the JFK memorial. How much of society and our values have advanced and improved, and what hasn’t ? #jfkmemorial #dallas


Grassy knoll near Dealey Plaza in Dallas.  If you believe in the conspiracy theory to assassinate President Kennedy, another shooter hid behind this

Went and saw the JFK memorial tonight in Dallas, as well as the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald took the shot. It’s a remarkable distance.

Tell your story! When you share your story you take ownership of it and it empowers you. When you own your story you take the power of judgment away


Do you tell your story before others get the chance?...You are the one in the driver seat steering the wheel. Share your truth so no one makes it

Ask yourself, does your reputation reflect the professional persona you’ve become? Does your appearance support it? Is your online presence in synch

This was my Dad’s birth home in Pousada. A small village outside of a small town called Soutelo de Montes. This village is almost a ghost town now


It’s a simple tale but an extraordinary tale. A story of two boys raised in Spain during the Civil War who immigrated to Brazil when they were 17

Birth places. They set the tone for the trajectory of our life—the friends we meet, the resources and opportunities available to us, the society in

The graves of JFK and his family. Regardless of party, there is a kind of service to our country only a few know, and every one of them puts their


Saturday was a beautiful day on Cape Cod . The John F. Kennedy Memorial in Hyannis is always a relaxing place to go, and watching the sailboats

She loved him. Not with kisses, hugs, sweet whispers or foot rubs but she loved him with sarcasm, quick wit, a sponge bath when he couldn’t do it

The Texas trip is all over 😞 we had the most amazing time. I’m lying bed trying to get out of the jet lag slump and get the motivation to start

Take a right out of Piping Plover and you’ll be at the beach in a minute, looking out over Lewis Bay to Dunbar Point. But it’s also a great

The shadows are there. The memories are there. It’s the story of our fathers. We don’t want them forgotten. Men not of nobility but of hard work


The Baltimore News-Post began in 1936 and stopped publication mere months after this issue. I’m not saying their JFK headline killed the paper, but

Me: “Oh this would be a cool picture!”Mom: “Don’t fall!” P.S. I uploaded a new video to my channel! #dallas #jfkmemorial

While in Dallas I had to take in the #jfk museum and visit Dealey plaza. Very serene and almost unchanged from the time of the assasination. I took a


Dallas. JFK Memorial, Grassy Knoll and the Texas School Book Depository. We had such a great, fun filled weekend. #dallas #jfkmemorial

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest form of appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." -John F.

The JFK memorial in Digbeth looking mighty fine in the springtime sunshine. Relocated in 2013 to Digbeth from St Chads Circus. #igersbirmingham


Very sad and impactful tour through the JFK museum and grassy knoll in Dallas. I would recommend for everyone regardless of your political beliefs.

The rooms at the Radisson Hotel JFK Airport are comfortably arranged and filled with conveniences to make your stay even more pleasant. 👌 #jfk

JFK Memorial Plaza