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One more of this exciting project! A sneak peek to the guestrooms of the TWA Flight Center Hotel!...Photo: TWA/David Mitchell #CoMoS


K L M - B 7 8 7 - 9 - V S - K L M - B 7 4 7 - 4 0 6 - M The Future VS The History! Shiny KLM B787-9 & A Scrapped KLM B747-406(M) Taking-off From

Excuse my language, but this is why I fux with #POTUS45! He's a f*cking BOSS! Liberals, you're FIRED! 😂🤣😂🤣 #MAGA #FinishThem!

My Google search history is comprised of locating the nearest bottomless anything. •••••••••••••••

@lanadelrey behind the scenes of her ‘National Anthem’ video. My absolute favorite music video ever! I’m obsessed with the sixties and more

President Kennedy & Bobby Kennedy at the White House in the Oval Office during the crisis over the raise in steel prices, April 1st (1962) in


وطن لانحميه لانستحق العيش فيه🇸🇦♥️👌""""""""""""""""""ضفني تجيك اضافات!( @k9zo_ )( @k9zo_ )(

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Words of wisdom from the 35th US President John F Kennedy...keeping the body strong and healthy benefits so many aspects of life! #wednesdaywisdom

New Piece by @aakabo - John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 30”x40”. 3 layer stencil on the original Miami Herald Newspaper from the assassination. Mounted


Hop aboard @gerbergroup’s @conniebartwa for vintage-inspired cocktails in newly renovated cabin of a ‘60’s TWA plane. Lives on the tarmac across

Performers grace ‘60s preeminent mid-century modern architect Eero Saarinen’s “cathedral to aviation” with song and dance reminiscent of the

Delightfully serene thanks to the 2nd thickest glass curtain wall absorbing 100% of airplane sounds, @TheSunkenLounge has library-silence and a

If it’s good enough for @LouisVuitton, it’s good enough for us. @GerberGroup’s @TheSunkenLounge christened by none other than the debut of LV’


@TWAHotel, where everything’s retro but the WiFi. Endless grammable moments. Content for dayssszz. #PoolBarTWA 💦 // pic: @maria.svarbova

Pools + Planes! 👙✈️ @GerberGroup’s @ThePoolBarTWA is a rooftop pool bar with an observation deck of JFK’s longest runway so you can sip and

US military cemetery in whose 253 ha the dead of the nation's conflicts have been buried, beginning with the Civil War, as well as reinterred dead

From the collection of @masstatter - Night of the Living Dead & Who Killed Marilyn 7” singles.If you'd like to be featured, DM us a photo/

"JFK Cenotaph "Renowned American architect Philip Johnson’s design is a cenotaph, or “open tomb,” that symbolizes the freedom of John F.

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Kein Mensch war ohne Grund in deinem Leben ,der eine war ein Geschenk, der andere eine Lektion.♥️😍 #jfk #44jfk44 #summer🔜☀️ #summervibes

🇩🇪 Sonnenuntergang am Flughafen New York JFK🌸❣°°🇺🇸 Sunset at New York Airport JFK🌸❣°°[Ignore] #sunset #sonnenuntergang

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Montana roots coming out today.Missing home and my pioneer historic grandma ,Mrs Nora Smole!💕❤️ #montana #montanapolitics

Happy pilots celebrating onboard Concorde❗️..Tag your friends and follow ✈️-Tag @aviatortimes for a chance to be featured 📸-Turn on

JFK-WUHOn Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, flights will be departing at 8:00pm Wuhan local time and arriving New York at 10:30pm EST.While JFK

just a few gems i get to walk past on work days in the city