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I love that style

Ramen ahoy! Vegan chicken noodles with black pepper roasted tofu, asparagus, flat mushroom, steam cooked veggies and fresh spring onion seasoned with

Look whoes not dead😂I’ve had so many test these past few weeks and I literary felt like I’ve come back from the dead,, lol

Épisode 4 : JAREL ZHANG ✨ Quatrième épisode de notre série sur les backstages de la dernière Fashion Week parisienne pour 📹 @kandidprod

T3 AND T4 TURBO BLANKETS.helps to lower your engine bay temps by keeping the heat in the turbo. .Will also slightly reduce lag by having hotter

REUPLOAD!There was this weird noise at the beginning ;-; so I took it out..bruhOhmygoooooosh.. @coshumicoon band songs are just too good I have to

Dio: OH YOU'RE APPROACH ME?Jotaro: I can't hug you without getting closerDio: THEN COME AS CLOSE AS YOU LIKE.........

🍥Delicious ramen🍥🎌味玉チャーシュー ¥900 +替玉 ¥100.🥇博多 食べログ人気 ラーメン ランキング1

You ever wonder why nothing goes you way even if you try your hardest... cuz I can relate 😔😔---------------------------------- #anime

🍥Delicious ramen🍥🎌味玉チャーシュー ¥900 +替玉 ¥100.🥇博多 食べログ人気 ラーメン ランキング1

So for some reason im getting no reach or anything if i dont post videos. Instagram is honestly garbage atm lmao (ban me idc)Sauce: love is war

バンド/band: ゲルニカ/Guernica メンバー/members:Vo. やよい(Yayoi)Gt. EmmA a.k.a おーみ(Omi)Gt. 蓬(Yomogi)Ba. れお(Leo)Dr


Attended the post k symposium earlier this year. It gathered #Supercomputing people around the world and was geared towards #Japanese efforts into

*S A M U R A I*lesson of the day: don't over work your digital painting. sometimes impressionist style painting is aesthetically more appealing and

These two students are practicing mawashi geri. This is commonly known as a round house kick and is used in many martial arts. It is great seeing

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀The might of Embla.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀Source: ebinkuu (Twitter)

Beat his ass young Midoriya...==============================.Anime:My Hero Academia..==============================.Like and Follow @chicken.

Big big thank you to everyone that came out Saturday. it was so much fun singing with all of you. We greatly appreciate your support and prayers

باقي الصور

الحمد لله اخذت المركز الاول لمسابقة Seven Car Lounge في الدرعية @sevencarlounge

⚡️Mini Waffle⚡️🌲Winner gets 4 spots in the main-🏆10$ a spot 8 spots🏆-🌝Claim in comments, will draw live verified generator

Lakers lost against Nets last Friday....but still had so much fun at the game💛💜Forever a Lakers Fan! (I miss Kobe

✨ L’ASPÉRULE ✨.Depuis son ouverture je voulais tester ce resto devant lequel je passe régulièrement sauf que c’est le genre de resto que