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“Hey Siri, where is the best place for a family vacation filled with good times and lifelong memories?”


Der letzte Teil meiner grossen Reise hat begonnen. Nach einem tollen Monat mit @_heidi_louise in Malaysia 🇲🇾 bin ich auf den Philippinen


"She is the type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile."🌴🌿🍃🇵🇭••• #MeMyselfAndI #ProudPinay

MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION | Oak Island: 32.8 +/- acre pristine undeveloped island in Beaufort, SC. Gated access through @datawisland by concrete bridge.

This pretty looking note was sent to me by a very lovely person from my Facebook account! #Bulgaria it is ! 💚Thankyou

Amphiesma sauteri

The humpbacks are slowly arriving back in Hawaii, ready to teach some new babies how to whale! 🐋 Wishing I was there welcoming them

See the unfiltered beauty of the crystal-clear turquoise waters of Zanzibar's best beaches. Book our Tanzania Safari and Zanzibar beach tour at https

Bermuda Pyramids. Bermudians have been sustainably catching water on these iconic white stepped roofs for centuries...... #bermuda #gotobermuda


This is how I like my festival to look aka why I don’t make festival at home because who has time for that! #jamaicanfood #caribbeanfood Posted

My place in Greece

It was an indoor yoga practice with my lovely clients this morning. The rain was coming down heavy and fast! It finally stopped hence me looking

A turf house is a house build with earth, with a roof that consists of turf and grass. The top layer of the earth is used, which is soil that is bound

🎋 A quand l’emoji canne à sucre ? Signons une pétition aujourd’hui ! 🎋. This is a rhumerie (❗️lire wônmri ☝🏾). On y fabrique

And all of a sudden, it was Winter... But you can get a Sunshiney Ibiza Feeling at the click of a button on @mixcloud 🎶 Looking to warm yourself up


I know most peoples’ initial reactions when they hear “fractional ownership” for the first time is to run for the hills. 🏃‍ But I promise,

Thank to everyone who like, follow, share and subscribe to my IG and YouTube. This is not a food video but it’s a video of my family and I in

Recuerda, siempre hay mucho más allá de lo que puedes ver a primera instancia. Busca, explora y encontrarás...Manatí,PR📍.Mar chiquita

The More Time You Will Spend With Yourself The More You Gonna Realise That You Need To Take Yourself To Places Out Of Your Comfort Zone.P.S- Island


✅ TRIP 4: Канатная дорога + 4 острова на двухпалубной лодке🚠🛥⠀*(максимум 30

Just another day at the park 💙

Villa Cella Bella in Bali 🍃⠀Tag someone you’d bring here!🥂✨⠀Courtesy of - @connie_yang via @classysavant⠀Help us grow the community


This is how I do breakfast in paradise: cappuccino, rainbows and mimosas. (On days that there are rainbows of course!) @miareefislamujeres #mexico

Proceed with caution ⚠️••*Yaww I swear I ain’t even this serious* 😂😂📸Photographer: @alexander_photography01••• #posing

Ici, on se lève tôt pour profiter des plages paradisiaques sans personne. Déjà qu'il y a peu de gens en journée, le matin la plage est déserte

Grand rising souls 🍃 These are some captures from my morning walk with my dog. She loves the dog park but hates the beach.... lol..... I have the


For those who missed last year’s Moët & Chandon Grand Day, here’s a sneak peak of what went down! This year, we’re going BIGGER with more glam

Tuesday vibes. New blog about productivity with actionable steps to help you stop spinning your wheels & power through your to do list with less time.

🐚🧜🏽‍♀️The most beautiful pearls — the kind used for jewelry — are perfectly round. Not all pearls turn out this way, though. Some

Heureuse d’être arrivée en Indonésie !

Take me back to Waterworld 😭I want to be a fulltime Mermaid 🤩🧜🏽‍♀️💙. Big thanks to Jan, best instructor pon di island. Get your

I know I'm all about my Indochina trip in my stories but posting this gem to move forward. 😂⁣⁣Rough seas to reach this beaut. We were lucky