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I learned this nifty trick from @pinterest! Keeping fresh flowers and eucalyptus in vases above your bed can keep your sleeping space smelling fresh

Nicer weather calls for exploring more of New York City -- spend the day right outside the #OneWestEnd neighborhood visiting this incredible new


The most beautiful train station I have ever been - the Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan.This station has 44 platforms - more than any

Yes, I am such a tourist. So what? 💁

Recipe for yummy noodle soup is up for grabs 🥥

Visita a la comisaría 99 en Brooklyn!

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” – Carrie Bradshaw✨ #DesideriDesign #red #ruby #rubyjewelry #thecrown #MindsetQuotes

Mítica es la imagen en Nueva York de los trabajadores almorzando sobre una viga en lo alto de un rascacielos. Es común encontrar detalles de la

Día de miradores Empire state building y Top of de rock


A neighborhood gem for your skincare needs, @heydayskincare can help you get a head start on that summertime glow.



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It was a beautiful day today on the West Side of Manhattan. Saw a movie at @amctheatres and now heading home.Whats for dinner? Comment below.Photo


A terrible photo of some amazing musicians.

Real Estate/Property - Senior Recruiter. New York City 🌃 Get in touch with Sheli #newyork #uktousa🇬🇧🇺🇸

A little bushel of herbs from my building's community garden makes this girl a happy coconut 🥥

I love this Himalayan salt lamp and all of these balanced ions! Plus 1 for self care 🥥


He estado revisando mis fotos de #NuevaYork y definitiiiivamente me quedo con ésta!!! 🗽Son las increíbles vistas de la ciudad que se ven desde

45 is essentially admitting he’s the military industrial complex’s little bitch by essentially admitting their influence and their intent to go to


The Iconic, Top of The Rock. I literally spent too much time up there, but to get golden and blue hour, you kinda have no choice but to be there and

Give your children a room to inspire exploration and creativity, where they open their eyes to sweeping city views and bright, colorful decor 📸 @cb

House Democrats want impeachment; Pelosi wants to stall and go slow.What do ya’ll think? Find the impeachment poll on my IG storyActive article


Facce e scleri da rientro 🤦🏽‍♀️ È stato bellissimo, sarà difficile riprendersi e come dice qualcuno “ ne dovremo mangiare di m&ms per