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Von Marley gibt es auch noch schnell ein Foto bevor es für mich ins Bett geht... Leider muss ich morgen früh arbeiten... Genießt das Wochenende

So happy that it feels like spring. Having a great time hanging out with my sissy outside today. 😀🐶🌞 •••••• #dog #pic #cute

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Shorter walk this afternoon as our sister Peaches (shihtzu) came along & she gets out of puff easier than us 😂 ••• #shihtzu

Meet Oscar - one of our O litter pups! Oscar and his siblings were all being given away for free because they were an “accident” litter 😒

A very special #Doggie spotlight!! In honor of Sky, who passed away this past week. 💙💙..🐶Name: Sky Wray. 💙Breed: #weimaraner.🐶My

I cannot believe I've had this lil baby for A YEAR already! Time flys! I'm so happy I got her. Pups fill every hole in my heart lol. Oh my Nellie,

I just can't imagine my life without a dog. You come home and you're always welcome. The dog loves you sincerely, will never betray because his whole

Hangin with my GRAMPIE today. He blew up a whole inflatable bed just for CUDDLIN WITH ME 😍

O carro está desligado e na garagem. Sair somente no banco traseiro e com o cinto de segurança. #InstaDog #Shitzu #Sábado

🇨🇾Kelloggs🇨🇾•••Kellogs gehört zu einer Gruppe Hunde die wir aus der Tötung gerettet haben.Anfangs war sie sehr ängstlich und

My name is Buster! I’m a 9 year old rescue and my dad thinks I’m half boxer half pit bull. I live on a boat and my hobbies include cuddling,

FRÜHLINGSZEIT IST POLLEN-ZEITHallo liebe #Hundefreunde 🐶Immer vermehrt bekomme ich mit, dass Hunde so wie wir Menschen auch an Pollenallergien

↟HOW TO TELL IF A DOG IS PLEASED TO MEET YOU↟.Dogs' tails can communicate a lot of information if we know how to interpret it. While tail

Colourful hardware makes the collars look extra special. Rose gold and bro-chrome are definitely the favourite 😍... #corkdogcollar #corkfabric

“Smile because tomorrow is going to be 60 degrees!”

You know you’re spoiled when you think any package is for you😋💗 Today an Amazon package came and I got really excited to open it, but my sissy

Die Richtung ist klar, immer nach vorne niemals zurück

Our paw brother Bandit has entered the March Mutt Matchup too!! Go vote please 😍 🐶

Happy International Puppy Day🐾

Ellie Mae just turned 9 weeks! She's grown so much.

Vi ricordate quel bel gattone delle stories?È lui il custode del Castello di San Michele a Cagliari, una struttura edificata nel XIII secolo,

Marie Curie Daffodil Collar Charm available from @petsathomeuk just a pound towards a fantastic cause 🍃

Happy National Puppy Day! Mini Winnie 💛

Cody's catching skills are amazing! #Houston #prouddogdad #dogdad #cute, #puppy, #puppylove, #doglover, #dog, #adventuredog, #dogsarefamily,