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Don’t stay stuck in fear, self sabotage, addictions, codependent relationships and old faith systems. •Conversations with grace and a plan.•


If you’ve been following my stories today you’ll have seen my first ever decent florals!! So proud 😂 if not, just swipe right and they’ll be

Parte de lo que se trabajó en el Taller de Retrato Digital con @behancecuenca Muchas Gracias por la oportunidad.! Es increíble las habilidades de

A special thank you to Terri Gleaton, Ebony Steele, Natalie Fikes, Lisa Bonner, Latasha Lewis, Lavon Morris Grant and Sue Hong. The special ladies


New Arrival

Hope everyone is having a Blessed Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and enjoying the beauty of another diverse culture

I found somebody I never wanna lose again & that’s me ☺️❤️ ..I’m in love with my journey 🦋♾& the journey isn't so much about


Have the strength of mind to keep pushing through hard times. That will to succeed will drive you on to fulfilling your dreams. @etthehiphoppreacher

Terminamos el día con un vestido espectacular, de encaje con bajo asimétrico, combínalo con camperas o con cuñas en verano.Vestido 19,99

When a @biffy_clyro songs inspires you to draw a wee flutterby 🤓 I actually feel pretty proud of this piece. Excited to tidy it up and maybe

I had a terribly emotional day today and I'm trying to find a way to thrive through these feelings that have been building up for months that doesn't

Some Upper-Body and Core WORQ!🔥.I’ve been breaking my workouts up a lot differently recently, now that I have some new physical goals!.Rather


Couchgarnitur "Zehdenick"U-Form• Kopfstützen verstellbar • Chrom Füße• Nova Life StoffMaße: 430 x 240 x 220cmPreis: 1990€

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ~Plato |$60 #piano #baby #flowers #music

Lacking patience and allowing yourself to be distracted is killing your results! 😐.If you want to be successful in life you need to focus on one

What if you have high skills and motivation but a rotten attitude? People will stay away and hinder your success. What if you have a good attitude and

Earlier today I went to the social security administration office for a replacement card. I check in, get my number, sit down and wait to be called

Feeling very fortunate that I get to teach at one of the most beautiful studios in Toronto!A little hidden gem! Today I walked in to this beauty


Практически никогда не показываю последовательно этапы работы, поэтому вот. Как видите, строить я не умею 🙈 на глаз, все на глаз 😆 #jessicalange #americanhorrorstory #wip #sketch #art_realism_ #artdrawing #art #arts_help #artshelp #artwork #draw #drawing #pencil #blackandwhite #inspiration #instaart #instaartist #artist #artistsoninstagram #art_4share #worldofartists #artist_4_shoutout #dailyart #pencildrawing #pencilsketch #artgallery

Arms Pump 🇺🇸 ..DB Curls E-Z Bar Curls w/ Arm Blaster DB Preacher (super-set) Hammer CurlCable-Curls w/ Fat Gripz (AMRAP).Incline DB

Shoulder/Trapstar Pump 💪.Barbell Rear Shoulder Press (standing)Shoulder Press, Plate-Loaded (seated)Barbell Front Raises DB Lateral Raises (


Doing what you've been doing is going to get you what you've been getting. You're either remarkable or invisible. Make sure you know what you're

Autorretrato fail..jaja