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My l’il pup - rescued from Texas hurricane - is sticking close to me. She LOVES the snow; the wind is another matter entirely - the dog who wants to

Headless, since the wounds of the streetfight are still too fresh. I mean look how swollen my ring finger is #howistyledit jacket by @johnnywas

“But I’ve read all the good ones.” We’re training Dakota using some rug work. A ruggable would be helpful because it wouldn’t slip ‘n’

So you know all those lovely IG pix of books ‘n’ kids ‘n’ such? Sometimes ya hit the ground face first, and the worst might be hidden by a

Brought back the sweetest little birdie frame - thanks @mixtfinethings - from a day’s field trip out in the City of Angels. Can you see it there?

Cleaning out the things that no longer serve us doesn’t mean we can’t bring anything new into our lives - I am just wild about these #birchbark

So all you all now know the story of how I had to rush through reading this fantastic #novel to return to the library because there were so many holds

We don’t have a medicine cabinet, and I don’t have cute little boxes like Marie Kondo, but we can still have organized drawers... #hellojanuary

A 3 year old friend picked a little ones outfit this morning, then she let him play with her toys. First visits of the #newyear #hellojanuary

“A freelance life, a life in the arts, is sometimes like putting messages in a bottle, on a desert island, and hoping that someone will find one of

If you ever lived in (or visited) Northern Colorado, you know we experience way too many days (imho) of high winds (yes Wyoming, I know you have us

One of the things I love about a season dedicated to giving - be it gifts or oneself - when things feel a little bleak, one can shower others with

The little mousie snug in her hammock, with her cap on was the first Christmas decoration our Fishburn-Gerety family ever had. My mom made it when the