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I'm currently working on a series inspired by all types of leftist movements/experiments with no general focus on a particular tendencies. I would


*Vᥲᥣιᥱᥒtᥱ ᥱᥣ qᥙᥱ dιᥴᥱ ᥣᥲ vᥱrdᥲd sᥲbιᥱᥒdo qᥙᥱ ρᥱrdᥱrᥲ todo


Day 13 of the illustrated journey! A new illustrated daily journal in prep for my latest class on sketchbooking

Reposted from @danielpinangoart ( @get_regrann) - Para terminar esta semana les voy a dejar esta hermosa composición black and grey espero les guste

@michellecarltonart does incredible 3D pieces of art. We highly recommend you check out her work. It’s magnificent!! She is also a tattoo artist

THEME: DEMON GIRLS 😈👿....I haven't sketched in a while and I found that I was kind of having artist's block. When I put my pencil on paper

Progress pic of a big calf piece for my dude Branden!I love tattooing my original drawings, and I can’t wait for next session to crisp up the


finally made a full size of this one 🍋🍊

✋🏽good day 🖌🖌I’m a graphic designer I make logos,flyers,mixtape covers, cartoon music video 🎨🎨let’s work bet you like my prices

Tough gig 🔥

💉💉Tattoo de hoy 💉💉 gracias a mis clientes por seguir confiando y por el aguante... 👍👍👍 🚩agendamos Turnos para la semana  al


Couldn’t do anything about the scars from the last tattoo, but I got to try my hand at this cover-up on my childhood buddy, @mac_milli We got it

Diz aí, faria?Trabalho realizado com materiais @electricinkGratidão @malu2141 !Orçamentos e projetos via Direct!!!🖖👽

متجر اكسسوارات ايبوكسي هاند ميد 🌹صمم اكسسوارك كما تحبه انت 🌼FB : ايبوكسي فلسطين


Everytime I got a new tattoo, I'm happy ❤️

元旦は太った鼠になります^^ #humanmade 歴史を知り、想像力の限り日本の新しい芸術を創造する、Neo Japanest

As an experiment, I decided to try doing a piece where I didn’t do a single rough sketch and just started drawing straight away into the render of

My goal of 2020 is to complete a mat and his cat book/ comic type thing. This is page 1 ... may still get a few tweaks 🐈

Sun-day’s are the best days 🌞


The market.

Baby come and take a ride with me