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Butter chicken? More like better chicken 😉➡ What 📷: Butter chicken burger 😋➡ Where 📍: Munch, Mahim ✌👉Follow @foodiefrombombay

One Pot Meal alert 😄Promoters, raise your hand!!!.Mushroom & Peas Pulav served with Cabbage-Tomato salad (fresh lemon juice & salt) and Boondi

Inside the kitchen of Moolchand parantha wala..📍Under Moolchand Metro Station, Delhi..Use #VoyageModeOn to get featured on our Wall..

Let's start the day after Holi, with sweet note for the colourful ravishing year. any festival without desserts are incomplete to celebrate, and to

My salad garden...Made with...Basil leaves,Coriander stems,Carrot slices,Pomegranate kernels,Banana slices,Cucumber slices...Lemon juice

Life is too long to live but too short too Imagine. Time will slip and these mangoes will be awaited for a year again..... ... ... ... ...

A week ago I had asked for a different recipe of long beans/barbatti/payar in my stories. Result - My dear friend @roopsree suggested Thrissur style

Punjabi Rajma(Red Kidney Beans)Masala Curry....A popular dish of North India...This is a popular Indian vegetarian dish consisting of red kidney

As a kid we would always look upto winter Sunday nights because they used to be mutton curry nights.. 😁😋The mutton which is goat meat, is

Introducing you to your preferred destination to experience uniquely designed and appetising food dishes.Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary,

I feel luckiest when I’m working with like minded people, who are supportive, encouraging and motivating. I’ve been blessed to meet such

.Featured foodie :- @suvis_kitchenstory〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰Today's breakfast menu, "IDLY and DOSA"

Vegetable Dum Biriyani | Hyderabadi Veg Biriyani | Instant Pot Biriyani | How to Make Dum Biriyani in Instant Pot 👆Click youtube link in bio for

#appreciationpost💕 This post is dedicated to @keshamehta and her mom for the beautiful lunch they prepared for everyone at work. So thoughtful and

Pure homemade ghee from mom. She always prepares ghee from cow’s milk. After boiling the milk, the cream floats to the top. She collects the cream

Amazing Turkish brunch #artichokesg. Mezzo platter had amazing assortments of hummus, falafel, Sea asparagus , rocket salad, curd with honey and fresh

Last night I visited the well known Night eatery of ahmedabad named, MANEK CHOWK. . . Tried Ghotala Dosa, Pav Bhaaji (unfortunately pav was given

Paneer tikka, Veg Seekh Kebab, Dahi ke Kebab and Hariyali Seekh, all in one platter? What's your favorite? Mine has to be the delicate and creamy Dahi

Dahi Kebabs - On my recent trip back home, to India, I tried Dahi kebabs for the first time and oh my gosh they were delicious! Soft and creamy with a

Yesterday was holi, you had Puran poli! Start your day today, with this Modak bae.. These are some mouth-watering modaks you get at

#lunchbox for #bae today was fully southindian with:💥Vegetable sambar with rice and ghee 💥Beans and carrot poriyal/ koora/curry💥Homemade

Happy Holi to y’all ... Was busy making lots of indian delicious delicacy’s on this holi 🌈🎈🎨Here’s Some palak pakoras from the lunch

Lobia ka dahi cheela/Black Eye Peas Pancake with curd/yogurt🎉 #holiseries2019 🎉Do you know in Kanpur Holi is not a one-day festival, but a week

and we back...Couldn’t even stay away for 2 weeks. That’s how much we love this place! Tonight we tried dessert (after all the amazing things

Major missing happening. Dad cooked up a storm on holi back home. Sigh...

If you combine good flavors, food turns into an orchestra🎵🎼🎶....and that's the beauty of our Indian cuisine☺️ full of flavors...every

My everyday antioxidant juice!! Ingredients:2 Oranges2 Slices of Pineapple 1 AppleInch of gingerInch of Turmeric RootDirections:Add all the

Homemade Aloo Paratha (flatbread with potato filling) with homemade baingan raita (eggplant in yogurt) and chutney. #homemade #pakistanifood

Bebu ka dabba! Friday = Pasta day 😄 .. * Spirali pasta with bell peppers and broccoli coated in a tomato mascarpone cheese sauce. Pasta and sauce

Jeito de menina levada com sonhos de mulher e sempre lutando como uma guerreira 💪🏻🌹💄 📸 @karinadenone

Mawa Gujiya Made with khoya, dry fruits and powdered sugar, this deep fried sweet recipe is world famous and is made across India with a regional

INDIANOur highlight today is Indian Cuisine. Here are tips on what to eat or order from an Indian Restaurant. ✔️ Avoid fried items like pakora

#Repost @jatin1986 ( @get_repost)・・・When Superman / Superstar Rajni Thalaiva delivers his special Dosa! It's D Rajnikhant Special Dosa

Taking a Friday trip to #goa Our Goan Chickpea & Spinach Soup is one of our most popular veggie soups, get it on the last day of our Indian Food Week

Cookie Cups with Hazelnut brownies vanilla icecream and a Splash of Nutella on it.😍...Double Tap if you’ll to have it ♥️ And Tag a

Happy Holi instagramersMade this colorful Sabudana kheer(Tapioca pudding) on eve of holi🤘🏻Holi hay🤘🏻Holi assumes the name of 'Dol

Charred orange salad: Go and get the recipe on the blog before it goes away !.Charred orange recipe got featured on the @thefeedfeed

Wishing all of you a Happy Navroz 😊••A festive lunch should have been more elaborate and expansive, but it was just the two of us with

Potato Bhaji 🍲😋⁣This is a top favored dish ⁣in my South Indian cuisine, made with boiled, crumbled potatoes in a mild, flavorful gravy. It

When I lived at home, I never craved Indian food. Married life has changed me. Tonight’s experiment: Dhaal Fry 🌶 ............