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#mood: ...N again...bish im blind take a hint 😂🤣 i would notice you if you were noticeable 😩 make a notice sign n paste it on your 4head

#imdone so tired lol we had a photo shot at the beach apparently since the sun felt good today 🌞

90% dah . Tnggal nak letak kat 1b jak lgi. #shawl #imdone

Well, today was fun until I hurt myself. I was coming in too fast when Ma called me and I slipped and fell right into the jacuzzi from the rock side.

Bitch please 😂😂😂😂 #imdone

When you tryna get in the vibe before you gotta go to work & clock in. 💃💼🎶🎧 WEAK

's post{Follow @whateven_am_i_.lost } ∆¶¶∆∆∆¶¶¶¶↓ ↓ ↓ my fucking tags

You ever been with somebody then thought "What Was I Thinkin" Video Linkin the bio Subscribe to my Youtube page,like and comment.. #WhatWasIThinking

Someone comment on Lukes birthday post for bo "dont contact me again" and sometimes if you want people to not be stupid you got to be harsh 👌🏽 I


I've scrapes and bruises all over my hands from breaking up dog fights this morning and yesterday. I'm sore from keeping two dogs, one in each hand,

I went on the weird part of the internet guys...

I now live in fear of whoever created this...

I honestly thought it was just me. Is This a thing?

I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling every piece of these eyelash extensions. Why not do small, simple things to make yourself feel good? Headed to gym

❤😍 he doesn't just sound good last night he sounds good every night!! ❤❤

"Hashtag thanks" I love him ❤❤

For my birthday can I have Luke dance?! 😂😂😂😂

Say something or say nothing ( You Decide) #corrineterrone 🚮 "Don't you know sugar is brown first? White folks couldn't stand the fact that

#Say something or Say nothing (You Decide) corrineterrone 🚮 "Don't you know sugar is brown first? White folks couldn't stand the fact that

I hate a funny acting person, I’m no longer available the support is gone folks always taking me there. I’m sick of it I don’t have time for the