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Doflamingo vs. Corazon👀Who is better?🤔--------------------------Follow @corazon_ismylife for more💓-------------------------- #onepiece

Tuptuś z nowym przyjacielem 🙉❤️❤️ _____________________________________________Pierwszy wypad Kuby do zoo. I to jeszcze we Francji 🙉

O subes una historia 🙄❤️°°°°❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣❥ ❣°°°°°💕Etiquetas

Cuando nos ponemos serios jajajaja 😂🤣😎 #iloveyou

Nella mia vita ho fatto tanti errori ... ma ho fatto anche un capolavoro di nome Sofia❤️...Mi emozioni, mi emozioni da morire ..::: #amore

I knew this day would eventually come... I just thought it wouldn’t come so soon...I remember when I first came home from elementary school and I

.💜The amazing class of💜💜 @baibaklints 💜💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥Thanks for this experience and I wish to meet you

para complaserte me sobran las ganas cuando me lo pidas yo ahí estaré!Para abrazarte y alegrar tu vida cada día del año♡sin buscar pretextos

I saw something exactly like this but it wasn’t watermarked so idk who made it and I lost the pic so 😔 🥥... #wholesomememes #memes #love

Happy 1st to this perfect for me kind of guy we are unstoppable and after al the years I am more in love with you then ever my king I can’t remember

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Tra tutte le foto perfette, in posa, ho scelto questa... perché noi due insieme siamo cosi💕💕💕💕•Viola• #madrinaefiglioccia #ciamiamo

Vou lhe dizer baixinho no ouvido e também gritar enquanto me asfato. Eu vou lhe contar todos os dias e todas as noites que começam quando eles

When I die I want to go to hell cause ima. Piece of shit it ain’t hard to fucking tell 🤧🖤 ¥•••••••••tag

İnsanı iki şey anlatır: Hiçbir şeyi yokken gösterdiği sabır. Her şeye sahipken sergilediği tavır…👍🏻🇹🇷 #likeforlikes