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Wouldn’t have noticed this butterfly if it wasn’t for a little boy who stared at it in amazement. It was fitting on the crack of cement in the 9.

Hey there Upper East Siders, you know you love me. xoxo, Ker. 💋 #gossipgirl


New York avec Time Square !! Une expérience à vivre au moins 1 fois dans sa vie 😍Neons effects

Times Square. New York. 2018


A historical landmark on the upper west side. 🙆🙋😎📷 The weather has been awesome here lately. Hope it stays that way! Have a good weekend,

🏡APARTMENT FOR RENT🏡 2Bed / 1 Bath in Bushwick, Brooklyn.Pet Friendly.$2300/NO BROKER FEE...
🏡LOCATION 🏡Halsey St., NY 11207

«There’s always a reason to look up»-A.D. Posey

Yeahhhhh Im NEXTTTT!!! 👊👊👊👊.......July 12th... Who is coming???

To work out outside in this active city is unbelievable. Not only the views also the feeling gives you power and emotions. Unforgettable! #newyork


Our Mumbai Book Fairy is travelling to the Big Apple and is leaving behind books for people to find! This copy of Ordeal By Innocence was found very

#throwbackChissà perchè questa non l'avevo ancora pubblicata... 🗽😂


Cada viaje empieza con incertidumbre y curiosidad, a medida que pasan los días sientes como tu visión del lugar se transforma, y ya nunca lo volver

“One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, love someone else.”⠀__________________________________⠀ #nyc_explorers

It’s National Wine Day and it’s a Saturday!👌🏼 Sounds like a perfect excuse to get out and visit one of the wineries in the 1000 Islands!

A very good, fairly priced (for New York standards) Korean BBQ in the middle of Koreatown (32nd street)... just remember: do not attempt to start


BELOW UNION SQUAREIt's dirty, it's loud it's hot, it's humid. But for some reason I love the New York subway.Heading Brooklyn Bridge Park.

A book fairy from Mumbai has travelled to NYC and is busy hiding books in Central Park! This copy of Ordeal By Innocence was found very quickly, so

Not obvious to get a 📸 in a subway 🚇 almost empty 🤗 - a glimpse of all my commutes in those last past 6 years in NY #ilovenewyork #manhattan

She was blowin’ and they were bitin’. Just had to hang on tight yesterday that’s all 🤢 #ilovenewyork.... #vmchooks #rapala #addicted


"Can you believe this incredible rock stands taller than the Empire State Building!?" ⛰️🤯 #7seafarFollow @7seafar for more 📸Photo by : @luke

Black Rock Forest. Cornwall,NY. Black Rock and Split Rock. The nyc skyline was visible in the distance. Amazing views #memorialdayweekend