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Victoria & I met through our mom’s who sold Mary Kay together. When we were young, I went to her house and she had the coolest play baby nursery set

To see the goodness these days we have to look past the ugliness, look right through it, everyone is so focused on it. Who’s doing wrong, who’s

‘These short stories are weaved with twists and turns, but often come back to the themes of love, loss and sacrifice. Any reader would have to have

L’unico vero viaggio verso la scoperta non consiste nella ricerca di nuovi paesaggi, ma nell’avere nuovi occhi. (Marcel Proust) #montagna #nature

You___________Story before this is a sequel___________It's all about life___________THE BLACK BACKGROUND SAYS A LOT___________follow

It happens with every person that they are holding onto something that is hypothetical. They just believe it to be something and it helps them feel

I miss this little monkey so much everyday. When I got married, Haziq was barely a year old and I was so nervous he wouldn’t like me. But we quickly

Thank you - one and all.Mostly, I’m sorry if I am missing posts. I feel like I loose people in the feed. 🌻🌻🌻 Most of all huge thank you

The story of the Second Moon is known to all in Manos as a fairytale. Something to be told by the fire before bed.____When the world first began,

Selenophiles relate everything to the moon 🌕🌖🌒so it was only right that my obsession 😍 with moonlight 🌙 seep into the silken notes of

If you can not see him would you believe that he is there? Would you surrender in to the knowing that such a vibration exists? Just out of pure

Your hand in mine,Your arms around me,My head on your shoulders,And peace around us.🥀-Nabiha Atique//All I want|\\ #words #poetry #writings

Tolgar: The Forgotten King Episode 3Co written @greynor_talforan & @azrael_rebornFlashback“Archon, Father give me strength. Venara, Mother give

In this week’s Follower’s Challenge we are challenging you to write about how painful life events have made you into a better person.(If

.....I am scabbed skin stuck in woven cottonFiber threads taunt cutting away at fleshA wound of scalding nag itch not going awaySandpaper scathed

Read below 👇You were the reason of my written emotions.As you flowed so smoothly on the blank remnants.Remnants that I still collect in the

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You ain't gotta to lie, you gotta to try so hardWritten by @write.your.mind__ @kendricklamar #poems #story #storytime #poet #poemofig #writer

brauchst du zeit, nimm sie dir. hast du angst, ich nehm sie dir.bist du unsicher, ich geb dir die sicherheit, welche du brauchst. brauchst du mich

MY EXPERIENCE⁣I've been going out with Taylor for a while. We had a great chemistry. We fooled around, made fun of each other and everything was

wenn du nirgends stehst,ist es besser, wenn du gehst.aber bist du nicht am stehen,kannst du auch nicht gehen.da du gar nie gewesen bist,ist alles

warum zwingt man sich, dinge zu tun, die man nicht will?! was macht das für einen sinn?....wir wohnen an orten, welche uns nicht gefallen, weil

mila wusste, dass sie ben fand, wenn sie die tür öffnet und in die welt hinaus ginge, sie wusste, was geschehen würde und ging. ja, unausgesprochen

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