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Some of Earth’s Beauty. Happy Earth Day!-If you enjoy my work, visit my galleries @ #nh #newhampshire

A preview of a video I put together for a campaign at work. Thanks to the awesome Soaring Badger Productions for the collaboration 👍🏼

Spring is here! 😍From Lamborghini: "The 1971 Lamborghini Miura SV won in the “Lamborghini 1963-1970” class and got the “Best Lamborghini


Good night ✈️❤️narocny den za nama. 👌🏻

From RD to Miami. Azimut 72CMP Marine Services. Capitan Services. Full boat detail and maintenance. Yacht management Services.Diseño de


Earth Day

We should celebrate every day as if it is #EarthDay...after all, we only have one and should be proud of it daily

People who enjoy taking walks in nature, driving backroads just to see where they go, and talking about new adventures are my favorite kind of people


April 2019

Mondays aren’t so bad!

📷 by @jsepulveda_photo _____________________________We should celebrate every day as if it is #EarthDay! 🌎_____________________________Tag

Happy Earth Day 🌎 #igerslouisville ====================================== 📲 Photo By @bigryry17 🙌 ======================================


The modern side of #LA 🌴🏙🌴

Happy Earth Day! Last Night's Sunset from Wagon Hill Farm - Durham, NH #wagonhill #seacoastnh #capturingportsmouth...Connect with us on Facebook!

Virginia Rometty, CEO de IBM, es una mujer que ha asumido grandes riesgos. En momentos delicados para la compañía por las “amenazas” del cloud

We've been getting a taste of nice weather every now and then. 76°F on the lakefront today so off I went! On a separate note, huge thanks to the

💥More wins🏆🏆🏆🏆!!!Nina was approved for a 2019 RX 350 with ZERO down and 2.9% interest rate with only 28 miles!!! Getting her credit


#schweinhaben (= to have pig = to be lucky) 🐖Sometimes I feel like I could do with a little more luck with the little things:1) Read on my blog

We open our doors to photographers + creatives + event planners in less than 10 days!!! 🎉🎉 We have a few days left in May and June for bookings

Another phog foto

1 more month and it will be our 7th year. Happy 83rd! See you soon! ily 😉😘

Last Year’s Cattails


Wade in the Water

The best possible way to spend Earth Day

*REPOST* Go to their Instagram page and follow the link in their profile. Sign the petition and make a difference today.

🇺🇸SLAMMING THE SIDEWALKS: You were so nice with me, Chicago, I will never forget your kindness... 🇲🇽CACHETEANDO LAS BANQUETAS: Fuiste sú

Before I die, I want to say "I loved my life."

Wherever you goWhatever you doI will be right here waiting for you..........................................

Text "agent" to 616-719-9113 if you are• I'm broke. • I never see my kids. • I hate my job. • I have no retirement. • I need a vacation

I used to be a professional ballet dancer! I loved dancing on stage. You have to be physically strong, so that your body can endure adrenalin pushing

It's not worth it if you have to suck all the BS💩 to survive your 8 to 5 job 😧, no matter how well you are paid. I am looking for someone who

I once lost everything that made me..."me." Job, status, education, friends, money, and most of all... dreams. But I'm blessed to have my family that


🇺🇸This is just as beautiful as my memory of you... 🇲🇽Esto es tan hermoso como mis recuerdos de ti...📍CHICAGO, Illinois.....

I would do anything and everything it takes to make this kid happy. 💙😇

🇺🇸How do you want to cross the bridge? I don’t care how as long as you cross it with me... 🇲🇽¿Cómo quieres cruzar el puente? No me

🇺🇸An entire block McDonald’s? Welcome to Chicago, boy... 🇲🇽¿Un McDonald’s de una cuadra entera? Bienvenido a Chicago, amigo...📍

🇺🇸Call me crazy and you will be soooooo allright... 🇲🇽Llámame loco y tendrás tooooda la razón📍CHICAGO, USA..... #chicago