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Lights on (Delafield Ave)

Pops of color and pattern at #ICFF. It’s open to the public tomorrow so stop by booth 204 to see @bertrand_productions (and if you see a handsome


On our Sightseeing Tour you can waive 👋 at the Statue of Liberty 🗽 from the island of Manhattan or you can hop aboard a ferry ⛴ and see the

The cherry blossoms were beautiful, the crowds were not 🌸

Shadow Dance

Popped over for some cereal milk ice cream the other day, best for beating the heat 😍 - K

Happy Tuesday Insta fam! My friend and I are having a debate and I'm just curious about what you guys think! I personally have never been able to have

I miss New York every day.


Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan.

Double tap if you like this footage of Times Squares ❤️ 🍎 🎥| @rw2productions.. #nyc  #NewYorkCity  #NewYork  #Manhattan #timessquare 

Fermarsi ad osservare, pensare,assaporare, ragionare...o forse solo liberare la mente e sentirsi leggeri.......................... #pensare

I get asked tons of social media questions but some I get over and over. In my latest blog I answer the 10 burning social media questions I get asked


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Timing is everything.••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Follow 👉🏻 @newyorkflue🇺🇸 for

It feels great to be outside today! On June 10th starts the Bryant Park's 2019 Summer Movie Nights and you can’t miss this! #newyorkstepbystep

The East Village is still one of my favorite parts of NYC. ❤️🇺🇸Let me share a memory from one of my first NY trips: We were a little lost

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Designed by Morphosis Architects. How do you like the architecture? Enjoy the view and good

Thank you @gayleking for being a voice for truth and lifting up stories of people and communities all across the country! 💚🏹✨


I’m not saying that you *should* eat three desserts at once. I’m just saying if you *want to* I recommend the chocolate chunk cookie, frozen s’


🇺🇸Maybe, one day, you will stop by and listen to my heart... 🇲🇽Tal vez, algún día, te detengas por aquí y escuches mi corazón... 📍

🇺🇸And so, the sea seduced the sun and took it with him, but it promised to return it to us the next morning 🇲🇽Y así, el mar sedujo al sol

🇺🇸I would cross this bridge a million times and back... 🇲🇽Cruzaría este puente un millón de veces y de retache...📍NEW YORK CITY, USA

🇺🇸 The door won't be closed forever 🇲🇽La puerta no estará cerrada por siempre📍NEW YORK CITY, USA..... #newyork #newyorkcity #ny

🇺🇸From that day when Manhattan was mine... 🇲🇽De aquel día en que Manhattan fue mía...📍NEW YORK CITY, USA..... #brooklyn

🇺🇸The park, the lake, me, you... I don't know, think about it... 🇲🇽El parque, el lago, tú, yo... no sé, piénsalo...📍NEW YORK CITY,

🇺🇸Aim to the sky and you will never see the floor again 🇲🇽Apúntale al cielo y nunca más verás el suelo📍NEW YORK CITY, USA