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There have been some pretty amazing things happening in my life recently. The road was long and hard but filled with some of the most wonderful things

I am supposed to be going for my 60lbs down goal right? Welp, white cheddar popcorn (whole bag) happened along with 6 vegan chocolate chip cookies (

Why did I think that doing my make up with dilated eyeballs was a good idea? 1. I didn’t think it would be that hard (I was wrong? 2. When I say I

Feelin' like Spring and I'm workin' on stuff and stayin' happy today. #hotmessforever 💙


Nothing about our costumes were right.. G was supposed to be the Magician but the hat I bought him was too small & looked ridiculous. I was supposed


Repost @macaroniandmomjeans・・・Make it a Venti, with 2 shots of why am I like this. From the very funny @fakeadultmom ..........

I saw this post, and I felt like mary reached into my soul and wrote exactly my thoughts. The last few years have been such an emotional journey for

✋🏻 raise your hand if you were knitting a sleeve and forgot the increases and accidentally made a sleeve for a twig arm👐🏻 raise your other

« Can I tell you a secret about being your own boss? ».IT. IS. HARD. AF. #thatswhatshesaid.I had a call with corporate today because our Tribe

Here’s to starting the morning in a coffee shop, waiting for my car to get fixed while I wear my fab new retro dress (which I realized I left the

Block out the whole day on your #bujo for #bookavalanchesale this coming Tuesday, January 30th. The shops below (including yours truly) will be

Sometimes it takes blowing up your life to discover where the magic really lives. #hotmessforever


Running club member. Having no electricity and your wisdom teeth out recently just completes this glamorous look 😂 #lovinglife! #hotmessforever

😛😜😛😜 Good Morning!!! Another to day grind and shine. 😚 #hotmessforever

I wouldn't be half the woman I am today if it weren't for the lessons of yesterday. Grateful for another year of blessings! #lovelife #31yearsyoung

MODELS NEEDED FOR COMPLIMENTARY HAIRCUTS TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY!!!The Calligraphy Cut is Coming to Hot Mess Studio... The revolutionary and patented

OMG IM LAUGHING SO HARD 😂😂😂 how was I 23 and replying to my own self on twitter 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #picklepringles #rockbottom

A little color correction and some delicious painting by @tarahotmess .Come visit the @hotmessstudio team to pump up what you have, or transform your

MODELS NEEDED TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY FOR COMPLIMENTARY HAIRCUTS. The Calligraphy Cut is Coming to Hot Mess Studio... The revolutionary and patented


Yesterday was @melmance bridal shower! I had so much fun spending the morning getting her hair and makeup ready for the party! Cannot wait for the

We may have gone into straight panic mode threatening to take our clothes off in the parking lot after getting back & discovering the amount of ticks

You're the greatest friend, the biggest love enthusiast and the most selfless person. To know you is to love you and I am so thankful for our lifelong


Jess kept complaining that my mess was crossing to her side so our teacher drew a do not pass line. #hotmessforever

Happy birthday to my perfect big I miss more than words could ever describe!!!! This year without you has been unreal but I am so happy for all life