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...and I had the privilege of meeting you....21 Jahre ist Rick gestern geworden und ich durfte ein Jahr mit ihm erleben. Er hat mir so viel


Новые бантики для гривы😍 С ними вы будете самыми красивыми! 500

Can’t wait to be back soon 🙈 @aa_equestrian_services 💓 only 3 more days of school until Spring Break is finally starting!! ✨Don't forget


Competition🤘🏽---Det var et rigtig fedt stævne vi var til i går! Vi havde en super lækker nulrunde i LA* (115cm) og derfor kunne jeg kalde

Ihr Lieben 🐣ich wünsche euch frohe Ostern und hoffe ihr könnt die Zeit genießen. Habt einen tollen Tag.🐰🌸☀️ #cutiepie #frechdachs

Nice day at Weston lawns yesterday with 5yo Jessie. A rider pole in both the discovery & 105 but super pleased with how she jumped, really starting to

#Repost @bktopaz ( @get_repost)・・・Topaz var amazing på trening i dag! Både med hengeren og hinder🥰 Stoppa 1 gang i 80 og feilfri i 90🤩


#Friends is an important thing in our life! More friends is more important!Only thanks to common support our mission exists.And most important is

#Repost, vous l’aurez compris, Pieter Devos s’impose dans le Longine Global Champions League de Miami 🌴! La deuxième place revient à Harrie

When history meets futureCredits~ @ns_photography........... . #portal  #photoshop  #photomanipulation  #photography  #nemanjasekulic

Have you checked out @kentauraustralia?!💞🌸🤩


My special friend Teddy, or better known as War Cry.When I came here, he was snorting at me because he was afraid of me. When someone catched him I

Зор ат екен 😍😍😍1-10 дейін бағалаңыз ✍✍✍😍😍😍_Жазыламыз достар 👍🇰🇿👌👉

Happy Easter everyone, a lovely sunrise over “Henefer Lodge”. The horse like to follow us on our morning walk. #levaublanc #livingitlodge

He is too cute to handle🥰💕 A short video after his workout, a few days ago. I promise you guys that I will post more frequently 😇. ..

{💎} M A D E O F H O N O R {💎}Hello, my name is Made Of Honor, aka Milo. I am a lipizzan gelding born in 2013. I'm still learning, but I love




#Friends is an important thing in our life! More friends is more important!Only thanks to common support our mission exists.And most important is

Frohe Ostern euch allen!!!! 🐰🐣😊❤ 📸: @lauranja76Ist zwar schon aus 2018 aber immer noch super schön 😊🌸 Neue sind schon in Planung

💫Pretty Boy💫-This photo shows off my @spunkyequine belt and neckrope which both TimTam and I absolutely love😍 Coming home tomorrow and I’

بطل البداير ( مراج❌بنت عجمان ) ❤️ ‏*أصبحنا وأصبح الملك لله !* ‏اللهم طهّر قلوبنآ من كل ضيق ، ‏ويسر أمورنآ في كل طريق ..🙏🏻 ‏صباح الخير.🌹

Jetzt wird‘s rooooooosig🌸Gestern ging es los zu der Kirschblütenallee🌸. Hach diese Allee ist einfach eine so tolle Location, einfach ein Tr

制作過程というほどのものでもないかも(^◇^;)パステルペンシルにて。毛並みの質感を出せるように頑張りました。今回の絵で何が一番大切かと聞かれると、とにかくパステルペンシルを尖らせる!これにつきると思いました(^◇^;) 鉛筆削りだと芯が折れるし、、、カッターでとにかく丁寧に、丁寧に。いかに細く尖らせられるか。描く時間と同じくらい削っていたような気がします😅だれか、パステルペンシルを折れずに削れる電動鉛筆削り開発してくれないかな😭 #馬 #馬の絵 #山形 #atelierカントレラ #アーティスト #ドローイング #horse #horseart #horseartist #drowning #art #artwork #artist #artgallery #パステルアート #パステル #パステル画 #馬が好き #競馬 #競走馬 #競馬女子 #乗馬 #細密画 #pastel #pastelmat

Ауа райы бомба болып тұр ғой💣💣😍😍😍_Жазыламыз достар 👍🇰🇿👌👉 @kokpar_tobe


LIFESTYLE🌿🌱 & LIFEDESIGN✏🎨.Arte por encargue.Evocando lo sagrado, la Naturaleza. Viví por lo que encienda tu alma.Colección Nature, "

LIFESTYLE🌿🌱 & LIFEDESIGN✏🎨.Evocar arte y Naturaleza en esta vida es en lo único que confío plenamemte en esta vida..... #art #art

Fiaker.... the austrian way to discover cities 😂 can’t wait to go back to vienna 😏😍 #austria #vienna

LIFESTYLE🌿🌱 & LIFEDESIGN✏🎨.Como dijo un gran referente en mi vida... Viktor Emil Frankl (neurólogo y psiquiatra austríaco, y un