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I'm not just a horror writer, I'm a horror fan. Who remembers Cannibal Holocaust? If you haven't seen it, but have seen Green Inferno, it is a must


I went to Japan hoping to find inspiration for a horror feature I was working on. I found it.Not pictured: the cold Kyoto rain, the distant thrum of

Here's a teaser for the story "Rise Of The Full Moon." That will be available in Darkened Tales: An Anthology Of Horror. Release date, 052919. Enjoy

What do you think? Are the anxiety ridden new to Earth? New to its ways, its torments? Are they pure of evil, their souls untouched and therefore

:Timore, named after the vicious doppelgänger in my 3rd and upcoming horror novel. :I’m pretty fond of ebony fretboards, although I like how my

Posted @withrepost@authordianatyler It’s so helpful to keep this in mind every. single. writing session!! 📝🖊❤️..So true. My first

“Flashlight in one hand, gun in the other, Anne scanned the surrounding brush constantly for movement, ears pricked for any sound. She knew it was


What's this? The first chapter of my serialized novel is live on #Wattpad! Click the link in my profile to start reading! #suspense #authorsofig

You know what they say, karma is a bitch. ....I’m pleased to say I’ve reached 64,500 words on my current WIP 💪 I’ve got about 8,000 words

It's 90°F here in the Nati... 🥵♨️ But that won't stop me 💪💪💪14-hour workday💯💯😎 #motivated Y'all have a great Memorial Day


I'm back! Back in #themagickingdom! It's been about two years! Going to see if some of my old #tomorrowland peeps are here. Thank you Natasha in City

Have a great holiday weekend, creepy people!

The 6th chapter is up on the blog. Click the link in my bio to read it! Click the story series category to read it from the beginning. If you like

#death is not the end, it is the beginning to many lives who will thrive on it.the #fertile #manure left behind by the #soul whose time has passed,

‪It’s Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of summer. Whatever your plans are, please be careful out there! #MemorialDayWeekend #havefun


Day 24 of the #authorhorrorloop Music. I always must have one of my power bands playing while writing. Juices dont flow if I don't.... #bookish

It’s a very different world, and man is no longer on the top of the food chain. Werewolves stalk the streets, and mankind’s population has

I like to hit the river at dusk, catch the connection lights come alive. Switching gears from writer/bartender to writer/musician. Time to tinker.


Are you a silent writer or do you listen to music? I have playlists to write too. Most of the music on there is instrumental, but a few artists make

Chipping away. The 1st part of Brothers in Solitude is almost ready to paginate. The last 3rd of the novel is plotted out with some sections penned

Feeling lost on how to write your first book? Check out my vids on My journey and Advice! And tell me what you think. Link in bio. #firstimewriter


Thought I'd share some recent holiday snaps over the following weeks. Here's a totally legit not in the least bit Photoshopped picture of me chilling

Working on the new cover for Nilsen’s Hollow, which I published in 2012. You can buy a copy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes. 👻📖.As

God I love charity shops. Bought a really nice, as new fedora for £2.50 and an equally nice, as new leather jacket for £20! ...... ....