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Some viral marketing happening as one of my amazing advanced readers offered to hand out flyers for Osgood As Gone at @haunticonomaha this weekend.

"Missed" pg 21 of Stranded Available on @amazon on paperback and on kindle Book Photographer #writersofinstagram

#InstaWrimo - Day 23 - Writer's Block Un-Blocker⠀⠀⠀⠀It's still a new technique for me, and doesn't always work, but I've started treating my

#InstaWrimo - Day 23 - Writer's Block Un-Blocker⠀⠀⠀⠀It's still a new technique for me, and doesn't always work, but I've started treating my

My first book, Terrorfiction The Collection Volume 1, is available now in paperback and digital download.If you like my posts, you'll love this

Only one week left to apply to the 2019 Odyssey Writing Workshop! @odysseyworkshop is a non-profit with the mission of educating the next generation

I saw Us last night. I have a lot of thoughts. Stay tuned for a new post coming in the next day or two.

This @cryptteaze review is very special to me. Then Comes Silence has been one of my favorite bands since 2014. I had the opportunity to speak with

TAG A FRIEND These are the products I use to make fake skin and prosthetis❤️❤️❤️

Hippie Horror's 2000 Followers Giveaway!I can't thank everyone who has followed me so far enough. You all have been a big part of keeping me going

Set up and ready to talk horror, possums, and the paranormal. It's an awesome day in Ft Wayne. Thanks to Half Price Books for having us out.

I’m very happy with the recent progress of my short story, Roots. All the pieces of the story are finally falling into place, and I’m happy to see

Juarez, MexicoDo you know the legend of the Charro Negro? It is very common in #Mexico... Do you know the #phenomena called 'subirse el muerto'? It'

Only about a week to apply for this summer's Odyssey workshop. Students at Odyssey have gone on to become bestsellers and award winners. If you want

Fear is coming home.........When Jake Turunen agrees to take over as local historian and notary in small-town Crescent Point, he inherits the

I never owned this book until yesterday, which is strange considering I’ve read it a dozen times and even submitted a (not accepted) story for a new

Som barn lånte jeg ofte bøger på biblioteket, og gør det stadig i perioder ... både til underholdning og som inspiration for det jeg skriver p

Parę dni temu dotarła do Mnie (nie)spodziewajka od @grzegorz.kopiec_literacko i @jankawydawnictwo Dzięki! Sprawdźmy, jak wyszedł Ci ten debiut z

minaaaa 🖤🖤🖤 i love her. dracula was my favorite book ever, so i’m hoping this continuation fills my craving to go back into that world.

Moratorium is now available wherever you buy ebooks! Trapped follows April 16! If you've got KU, now is the time to snag Trapped before it leaves and

Ever feel like you're being watched? Like you're not alone? She was playing, running around like a lunatic until suddenly it got quiet. Too quiet. I

Just made it to #sacremento! #moving is finally over! Tonight in the hotel, I'm going to start working on my #youtubevideos I watched

Tonight's Read. I've always been a writer and wrote a "Springwood Slasher" script when I was a teen. Any writers out there?..... #Book #Read

I loved writing about cyberpunk fetish clubs as much as I loved watching the actual show. @lovedeathandrobots

New #NothingPeak blog post is up! In honor of yesterday's #worldpoetryday, I'm giving everyone another taste of #Haunt. Website link in bio. Check it

Obviously, I'm posting this lovely photo because my book is in it, but can we all take a moment to appreciate that gorgeous bookmark as well?! 😍

Kaum hab ich die #LBM verlassen, kommt #DeadMansHand druckfrisch ins Regal.Hatte ich wahrlich nicht mit gerechnet, ist dafür nun um so schöner. Bl

New piece of flash fiction up on my site!! My town had a pet cemetery. #shortscarystories #horrorwriter #horrorauthor #femalehorrorauthor

We are pleased to have a selection of authors who specialize in gothic, horror, science fiction, and supernatural storytelling joining us for

One selfie per day to keep the creeps away... Hopefully The Daisies That Open at Midnight will be done by Monday morning. It is moving along. Very

Day 21: Lines that Made You LaughThere are too many in the Dresden Files to put here but this one had me laughing so hard my ribs hurt.

What you see is not one, not two, not three but six scripts. Back in September last year 2018. I started writing my novel but found it, so hard. So I