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I drew these fellas a couple of days ago and only found out afterwards that it was World Bee Day last Monday (May 20th). Yay to bees, bumblebees


The sunset colors are the most difficult to photograph. The images (even when edited to look as close to the original as possible), just can’t do

' I'm in repair, the life that we shareI know that I'll be lost in But we are always in Repair' In Repair; Our Lady PeaceThe music video is a

Made some progress with this Tiny Chef painting 👍. @thetinychefshow A neat little patch of sunlight appears towards the end of the video

[eng below] Ik ging vanavond op zoek naar inspiratie voor het schilderen van een walvis en kwam een prachtige foto (van @iswanarif) tegen op Unsplash

🧜 May Patreon Theme is #mermay ! This piece features a #mermaid and her leafy sea dragon friend exploring a coral reef. The plantlife and sea

I am having a hallucination now, I don't need drugs for that.Thomas Pynchon----Brands @jacksons_art @holbeinartistmaterials @m.grahamco

Daddy Mark, I think this painting is called “Oxacourse.” What’s that mean Sage? Maybe it’s “Octacourse.” Hmmm... okay, I like those names

I’m not sure if it’s because of all the current snowfall around the country that people are posting about, or because I was cold when I painted


Please swipe for more photos! Possibly my last Mermay drawing. 🧜‍♀️ This happy tomato mermaid was suggested by @shuuchan90 🍅 Thank you!

This painting is so personal to me, I'm literally growing as I paint it. She finally got eyelashes yesterday. Pretty sure that when it is finished I

Today’s featured picture is Night Pond by me that was inspired by my love of nature. Rather than opt for a realistic style, I used a palette knife

Today’s featured picture is Night Pond by @carowaltersart that was inspired by her love of nature. Rather than opt for a realistic style, she used a

Today’s featured picture is Night Pond by @carowaltersart that was inspired by her love of nature. Rather than opt for a realistic style, I used a


Another skully merm! Can you believe that #mermay is nearly over? Just a little over a week left! A lot of you have been asking if prints and the

Painting in my sketchbook from last night (featuring little butts by accident 😂 ) My go to when I want to experiment or just paint something is

Today was such a beautiful and sunny day. 🌞 The backyard was veeeery warm. So, it was a perfect spot to set up a painting station with my dear

I call this “The Outliers.” Almost all of these paintings were made with leftover paint from commissions. These little guys are helping me draw

Some sketch idea for something bigger that I never got around to doing. Hope you like 🌙🌕🌖🌓🌒🌑🌘🌗🌔 #gouache #gouacheartist


Sagey says this painting is titled “Upside down bird that can transform into a car.” My 4yr old comes up with amazing titles for my paintings. 2/3

Daddy, I think this one is called “Upsidedown bird that transforms into a car” Where do you get these ideas from Sagey!? 1/3. #paintingstudy

I treated myself to some screen tone and some cute colours of #holbeinacrylagouache today! It’s soooo much cheaper here than in the UK- I think I

Another glowy night time ocean scene for ya. 💙 I’ve been getting a lot of people asking me what materials I use for my paintings. I use acryla

Hopping on a plane to LA in less than 48hrs...and trying to finish this before that happens 😬 #wip

49/100 🍋 in Gouache! I’m trying desperately not to break my streak this week, but I’m out of town and attempting my best to give 💯 to work

This is Bronco. This 8x10” painting of Bronco might have been life size.

scanned the “Mariposa” painting 🦋✨ painted a butterfly for the first time to end this ms paint inspired series 🌿 tell me what do you think

Had to do one of the mermaids that inspired me most as a kid, one of the Mermaid Lagoon merms, that is!


Moth friends!! Holbein acrylic gouache and paint pen on 4” round wood cradle panels. These were so so fun to do, and I’m obsessed with round

Decided whether I should upload this one because the only thing I dig about this is the colouring which was definitely inspired by @ukairuu ’s

My third Microsoft Paint inspired painting “Mariposa” , fully hand painted by me :) 🦋✨🌿 swipe for close ups & detail shot

If I had a garden, it would be full of mushrooms and crystals. 😍 I don’t have much of a green thumb, even though my momma @dragonbees is a

PATIO SEASON!! I’d never heard this term before moving to Canada, but when the sun came out, there was a mad rush to get outside and bask in the sun

These B&W studies take me back to my darkroom photography days. I was always captivated by the subtleties of light and shadow in a freshly-printed

46/100 trying acryla gouache for the first time by sketching anf painting Ariel for mermay, check out my first impressions video over on my YouTube

I enjoyed doing a simple rainbow for this gal. We saw one over the Bay just yesterday so it was perfect!

Shot of this bug framed and signed 🐛

46/100 I didn’t finish my pizza for #nationapizzapartyday today because honestly, I’m currently having major anxiety over heading out of town for


Smoke. Another small wip from my old sketchbook. Sill trying to find a better system for scanning them. 🤷‍♀️..... #gouacheartist