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The trek to and over Prasha Lake has taken it's toll! Most teams have taken as much as 12 just to reach the sacred lake. What makes Prasha so special

हाईटेक पौधशाला , हर्षिल (उत्तरकाशी).Photo By @nilmani.photographyDon't forget to follow

Life is all about navigating through rough terrains to get to beautiful places. And in this case, the rough terrains also got beautiful! This is a

"The place of dreams".Let the heart find peace among the green fields, with a cottage in the middle, near the place where the small Brook flows

A never ending journey🚶.Picture Credits📸 ~ @raid_the_himalaya.Explore The

Pic credit @aviwon .. - ×To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote, To travel is to live

यह विचार करना आकर्षक है कि कितनी प्राचीन शिक्षाएँ हमें बताती हैं कि मनुष्य विभिन्न तकनीकों के माध्यम से असाधारण शक्तियाँ प्राप्त करने की क्षमता रखता है। इनमें से कुछ तकनीकों को योग परंपरा (संस्कृत से अर्थ, पूर्णता;) में सिद्धियों के रूप में जाना जाता है, जिसमें ध्यान, स्थैतिक नृत्य, ढोल बजाना, प्रार्थना, उपवास, साइकेडेलिक्स और बहुत कुछ शामिल हैं। उदाहरण के लिए, बौद्ध धर्म में, वास्तव में उन्नत का अस्तित्व आसानी से स्वीकार किया जाता है, बुद्ध ने अपने शिष्यों से इन क्षमताओं को प्राप्त करने में सक्षम होने की अपेक्षा की, लेकिन वे भी उनसे विचलित नहीं हुए। इस ज्ञान के साथ, उन्हें माना जाता था कि वे सभी प्रकार की अलौकिक शक्तियों के अधिकारी हैं, जिनमें उनके प्रत्येक पूर्व जन्मों और अन्य प्राणियों का पूरा ज्ञान, दूसरों को जानने की क्षमता शामिल है; विचार, खुद के डबल्स बनाने की क्षमता, हवा में उठने की क्षमता और साथ ही साथ उसके शरीर से आग और पानी की शूटिंग। । । । यद्यपि वह अस्सी के उम्र में निर्वाण में पारित हो गया, वह जीवित रह सकता था; aeon के लिए या aeon के अंत तक; यदि केवल उसे ऐसा करने के लिए कहा गया था। मैंने पहले कभी ऐसा आदमी नहीं देखा था जो आठ से दस घंटे तक अपनी पलकें झपकाए बिना स्थिर बैठा रहे, लेकिन यह कहावत बहुत ही असामान्य थी। उन्होंने अपने ध्यान के दौरान ढाई फीट की दूरी तय की। हमने इसे एक स्ट्रिंग के साथ मापा, जिसे बाद में एक पैर नियम से मापा गया था। मैं इसे स्पष्ट करना चाहूंगा, हालांकि, जैसा कि मैंने आपको पहले ही बताया है, कि मैं उत्तोलन को एक आध्यात्मिक अभ्यास नहीं मानता। यह बंदन (ताले) के अनुप्रयोग के साथ प्राणायाम का एक उन्नत अभ्यास है। जो द्रव्यमान और वजन के बीच के संबंध के बारे में जानता है, वह समझता है कि इसे करना संभव है, लेकिन केवल लंबे अभ्यास के बाद। । मोटे तौर पर, हालांकि, कुछ मतभेद हैं, मुझे लगता है कि बौद्ध दर्शन और क्वांटम मैकेनिक्स दुनिया के बारे में उनके विचार से हाथ मिला सकते हैं। हम इन महान उदाहरणों में मानव सोच के फल देख सकते हैं। इन महान विचारकों के लिए हमें प्रशंसा की परवाह किए बिना, हमें इस तथ्य के बारे में दृष्टि नहीं खोनी चाहिए कि वे सिर्फ हम जैसे थे। बौद्ध धर्म के. #kinnerkailash #kinnaur #himlayas #himachalpictures #indiaclicks #indianphotography #india_gram #inspiroindia #cloudscapes #evening_time #mountainview #greenmountain #pangi #photographyclickersadda #hippieinhills #instahimachal #incredible_india #indianphotographers

Reposted from @odyssey_of_mysoul - ..Punakha Dzong ( Fortress) , considered one of the most beautiful Dzongs. ••Punakha Dzong is situated at

Gangotri Dham Temple in Uttarakhand, built by Nepalese General Amar Singh Thapa in the early 18th century. Gangotri is perched at a height of about

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Mount footasar.Pini,Himachal Pradesh,District Kullu....For feature DM your pictures Follow @raidthehimalayas... #himalayas #himachal

❤She could not make sense of the things that was meant for her, but she was drawn to it all. But when she was alone, she felt like the moon:

I was a pebble.I was a leaf.I was the jagged branch of a tree.I was nothing to them and they were everything to me 🏔️•••••

LEH DIARIES-THE INDIAN ARMY • We were in pangong finally and the next day we had to make our journey back to leh. The next morning we were informed

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The more a person loves God, the more reason he has to hope in Him. This hope produces in the Saints an unutterable peace, which they preserve even in

This is one of my favourite photograph I took during my last trip to Nainital. It's peaceful to see it and it knocks me every time I look at this

It was also recognized by the U.S. space agency N.A.S.A. for its mysterious presence of strong magnetic field lines . The hill is rumoured be made of

Blessed to spend that snowfall eve in Nainital. It was a very memorable time spent on top of the town and capture the beautiful moments of the sunset

Won't write much about this महाशिवरात्रि post , just captured the small way inside the Jageshwar Dhaam in the the pleasent mid

He doesn't need his name up in lightsHe just wants to be heard whether it's the beat or the micHe feels so unlike everybody else, aloneIn spite of

Let me go , let me goLet me soar high in skyI don't wanna travel these roads,For me they are just loads.Shackles lying in my way,I wanna break

"3a.m. shot"I hope as soon as you open your eyes today these twinkling stars brighten your day with cheerfulness and sheer luck. I shot this

"If we can learn anything from Lord Ganesha, it is: Be sincere and care no one in the line of duty."................... #dslr

The best camera is that which you have within yourself. You don't capture a photograph you make it with the instinct inside you

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it's a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of world and wake up in another quite different, and if

The unmatched beauty of Uttarakhand is further flourished by this place. Visiting this place will leave you bewildered and in peace

Working at such a low temperature is a hard thing.This is one of my favourite photograph. This photograph haven't gone through any post processing or

The most loyal creature created by the God which when pronounced backwards is spelled "GOD"! 🐕............. #dslr #photography #canon

My hometown , my birthplace This place has got the essence of beautiful mountains and divine touch of the almighty............ #dslr

The soft snow skimming thorough your face leaves a cold spot residing you in peace and makes you rest in peace without need of any desire or greed

Jaheshwar Dhaam Lord Shiva's residing at this place has flourished its divinity and the peace exhilarating the folks visiting the "Dhaam" is peerless

At a temperature of -3°C it was hard to wait for food beside the Naini lake....ever imagined how these people work in that freezing climate to serve

This shot was captured at -1°C with my hands shivering with cold and snow falling mildly on my camera. This shot have some great memories with it

Climbing up to the "Snow view point" was a wonderful experience. The cold breeze and the mesmerising view made our minds tranquil and happy

Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. We came across this dog in the "thandi sadak" and he followed us untill we fed

Photography is just life lit up..The capability of a camera to capture such dear moments of your life is divine. ☮️In frame- @ishannegi_

Its magical to be in such beautiful and alluring place under the clouds of beautiful sky with trees dancing in the wind and birds chirping their heart